O Lord, as we consider Thee

Kitty Joubert

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Dear Lord, as we remember Thee, we thus partake of all Thou art. We enjoy Thyself in love and share Thee as Thy counterpart.

Julia Jones

Austin, Tx, United States

O Lord, as we consider Thee, we worship Thee for all Thou art; Thou art so rich, so wonderful, so dear and precious to our heart. What Thou art meets our every need! Our hearts o'erflow with praise to Thee! All our desires Thou dost exceed and satisfy continually. Thou art the very God in truth, the God who is both love and light; the God who is to us our life, the God in whom we all delight. Thou also art a man indeed, a man so fine, so good, so pure; a man in whom our God delights, a man who can our love secure. Thou even art a lowly slave, a slave of God to serve for us; obedient to the cross's death that we might be delivered thus. Thou art, beside all these a King, A King in life and love to reign, by God anointed with His pow'r to rule with us in His domain. Dear Lord, as we remember Thee, we thus partake of all Thou art; as we enjoy Thyself in love, we share Thee as Thy counterpart. Amen Hymn #190.

Unity Spurgeon

Nkwanta, Volta, Ghana

I love this hymn so much as it indeed revealed what the Lord is to us. We all must sing it, praise and worship the Lord as this from His eternity as the only God full of love and light, through His condescension in His incarnation as a man, even a man as a slave of God to serve us and fulfill God's purpose. And now praise Him for God has exalted Him to the throne as a King to reign for us and to reign in us. All these are really precious and dear to the heart of the beloved. He indeed exceeded all that we need. Our hearts truly overflows with love to Him.

Gadzeti Spikenard Faith

Ho, Volta, Ghana

I am really touched by this hymn that I need not to struggle in anyway to be a living person. All I have to do is to enjoy this all-inclusive Person into my very being to have Him printed in me, then all my desires will He exceed. Hallelujah.

Enoch Epaphroditus Gadzeti

HO, Volta Region, Ghana

If I dive into the spirit of this hymn, I will get to consider all that God is. His greatness, faithfulness, righteousness. He is wonderful and much more think of His all-inclusiveness. All these items edges me to worship Him unceasingly.