Such a name as sweet as Jesus

Such a name as sweet as “Jesus”
Heav’n and earth do not contain;
When our Savior left His glory,
God gave Him this matchless name.
  How we love to call, “Lord Jesus!”
To acknowledge Christ, God’s Son.
Never was a name so wond’rous,
Dear and sweet as “Jesus.”
When upon the tree they hung Him,
There they also hung this name,
For the whole earth’s admiration;
See how truly we love Him!
Then enthroned in His ascension,
God on Him this name conferred;
All knees bowed, all tongues confessing,
Hail Him, all in heav’n and earth!
Grace unending and exhaustless
Issues from Thy matchless name;
Yesterday, today, forever,
Thou, our JESUS, art the same!