Such a name as sweet as Jesus

Such a name as sweet as “Jesus”
Heav’n and earth do not contain;
When our Savior left His glory,
God gave Him this matchless name.
  How we love to call, “Lord Jesus!”
To acknowledge Christ, God’s Son.
Never was a name so wond’rous,
Dear and sweet as “Jesus.”
When upon the tree they hung Him,
There they also hung this name,
For the whole earth’s admiration;
See how truly we love Him!
Then enthroned in His ascension,
God on Him this name conferred;
All knees bowed, all tongues confessing,
Hail Him, all in heav’n and earth!
Grace unending and exhaustless
Issues from Thy matchless name;
Yesterday, today, forever,
Thou, our JESUS, art the same!

Auckland, New Zealand

Oh how wonderful is the name of Jesus

In His incarnation, His death and ascension and now given to us that we may call and receive the rich supply of His grace