Sing praise to Christ Who lives in us

Sing praise to Christ Who lives in us,
The God of our salvation;
Who saves us by His life divine,
And not by regulation;
After we’ve worked—done all we can,
His life has power to change a man:
His life divine can change us.
He saves us to the uttermost
By His life-giving power;
Transfusing Himself into us,
He saves us hour by hour.
He saved the lost by coming in,
He’s saving now from more than sin:
He’s saving us to glory!
Our Lord was constituted priest
To be a real life-giver;
Life is the nature of this One
Who can from self deliver:
His life is indestructible,
By it He saves us to the full:
Praise God, He’s fully able!
His life is fully qualified
To bring us through to glory;
Were it not for His tested life,
’Twould be another story
His life was fully tried on earth,
To crucifixion from His birth:
He passed through death and Hades.
He’s pledged to save us to the full,
His life is operating;
He’s doing everything for us
’Tis all for our perfecting;
Our life’s a failure at its best,
Only His life can stand the test:
His life brings full salvation!
He’s living now to intercede,
Continuing forever;
He undertakes into the age,
His priesthood changes never;
He always lives to intercede,
Such a High Priest is what we need:
He’s higher than the heavens.
Come forward now to God through Him,
Ne’er shrink back to destruction;
Come forward now to get the life,
Which brings the proper function;
Come forward now the life to take,
By life His people us He’ll make,
And swallow death forever.
Joshua Anstey

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

He saves us to the uttermost! Praise the Lord!

Itzel V Vizcarra

El Paso, TX, TX, United States

Hour by hour❤

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen.... He saves us Hour by Hour!!

Saving us to Glory.... Praise the Lord.

Thank you dear precious Lord!

Samuel Eze

Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria


On the cross He was Christ saving us outwardly, but today, He is within us as the Operating GOD, saving us inwardly and also saving us to the Full.

Praise Him!

Sister Sue

Thank you Lord for saving me for Glory! Your divine life is my full salvation!


Cypress, CA, United States

Praise the Lord

God operates in us both the willing and the working for His good pleasure.

The good pleasure of God’s will is to operate in us so that we may reach the climax of His supreme salvation.

Praise the Lord!

His life is in us to work out and bring us to the climax of this supreme salvation.

Felix Dela Plata


Amen! Praise the LORD!

We have a High Priest who lives forever; therefore He is able to save us to the uttermost eternally.



Detroit, Michigan, United States

Praise the Lord! This hymn gives me such joy!


Atlanta, GA, United States

Praise the God of our salvation! How great and subjective is our Redeemer to us! He is in us as our life and is saving us to glory!

Deepthi Healy

Hamilton, New Zealand

He's pledged to save us to the full! Praise God, He's fully able!