How we love the glorious name

How we love the glorious name,
  The name of Jesus!
’Tis the name above all names—
  On earth or in heav’n.
As we breathe this precious name,
  Darkness and death cannot remain;
For we call and get the Person of that name!
Dear Lord Jesus, with our tongues—
  We gladly confess Thy name,
To the glory of the Father God above.
  For to us to speak Thy praise,
Is the enjoyment of our days;
  Calling JESUS is to call the One we love!
Lisa I Chiang

Los Angeles, California, United States

When we call on the Lord's name, we are not calling to get a someTHING, but to get a someONE. Oh Lord Jesus! I want to breathe, call, and get a living Person!

Sue-Ellen Cox

Precious, oh how very precious, is the holy name of Jesus! So good art Thou, blessed Father!!

Michael Toney

South Korea

Calling Jesus the One we Love.


I love the Lord 💜


Dear Lord Jesus, with our tongues— We gladly confess Thy name, To the glory of the Father...

Patience Otoje

Ago Palace Way, Lagos, Nigeria

Calling JESUS!! Is to call the ONE we Love.....

Max Pankau

Chicago, IL, United States

Sister Deb, the chorus you posted (to my understanding) was originally written as a different hymn and the two were fused together at some point. I grew up singing the song this way myself in Texas. The only publication I ever saw the two printed together in was the old YP songbook, the "gray book". Since the gray book is no longer used, I have noticed that saints tend to drop the chorus when singing this hymn.

Deb Gallardo

Fredericktown, Ohio, United States

There is a little chorus that I learned at an East Coast gathering of the churches in Maryland for a camp about 10 years ago, (including NY, NJ, MD, VA & NC) that some of the saints sang with this song like a refrain. I've been trying to find the music for it unsuccessfully. Here are the words:

Touching Jesus is all that really matters.

And your life will never be the same.

There's only one way that you can really touch Him.

Just believe when you call on His name.

This chorus is inserted between the two verses and dovetails perfectly with it.

Can anyone help me out with this?

李 菲 麗

NC, United States

One of my favorite song regarding how lovely is calling on the Lord's name! This was written by Isaac Watts during time of John and Charles Wesley. He wrote this in relation to Psalm 72:19 "And blessed be His glorious name forever; And may His glory fill the whole earth. Amen and Amen."

Will Miller

Portland, Oregon, United States

Not only do I love this most precious name of Jesus, but I love that saints all over this earth love His name as well. Praise Him, for only He could do this!