Jesus is my King all-glorious

Jesus is my King all-glorious, so wide, so deep His love;
From His throne He came, a seeking shepherd He,
Humbly placed in borrowed manger, to Egypt then escaped,
Later called the Nazarene from Galilee.
For thirty-three years serving, despised, refused by men,
Preaching everywhere God’s kingdom not to miss,
Healing, teaching, suffering hunger, no bed His aches to cheer,
So immense, so wonderful a love is this.
He, my King, my Lord, my Savior, my welling Fount of love,
Walked the lonely path to dark Gethsemane.
Sweat like blood-drops for my peril, obeyed His Father’s will,
Paid the price to save all men eternally.
Despised, man’s insult’s taking, the sinner’s blame endured,
Bore the cross unto Golgotha willingly,
Scarred by nails and scarred by spear, whence blood and water streamed,
So immense His love expressed to full degree.
Jesus is my King of mercy, with love immeasurable;
On the cross He prayed, and mercy’s heart was shown.
There a dying thief repented, received salvation’s word;
Jesus bore all sins, rejected left alone.
What piercing pain and sorrow, with vinegar and gall,
Unto God He did depart victorious,
Resurrected and ascended, our interceding Christ,
He reveals His love so deep and wonderous.
Jesus is my King victorious; His love my heart has touched.
For this sinner He has died, His love to show.
I am healed and cleansed completely, and in His mercies rest,
Taught by Him and guided, on His path I go.
Temptations fierce unheeding, salvation is my wall;
I’m empowered daily as I go along.
With eyes on Him in glory, I sing with heart renewed,
And His love is all the message of my song.
Gary Beckham

Byhalia, Mississippi, United States

We love it too Brother Dan! Bless you and Kathy!

Dan Sprau

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

We love it!!!