Deep and wide

  Deep and wide, deep and wide,
There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
Deep and wide, deep and wide,
There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
Bill Barton

"Deep and wide" matches the description of the stream flowing from the millennial temple, that gets deeper and wider as it goes. Ezek 47:1-5

Evin T.

Michigan, United States

I've never understood what the "fountain" is supposed to be in this song. Is it referring to Jesus' blood (like in "There is a Fountain"), or baptism, or what?

Chris Raymer

Darrell, the person who wrote this song was Sidney E. Cox. He was a Major in The Salvation Army and served as an officer/pastor in the early to mid 1900's. He wrote nearly 400 songs in his lifetime, many for a Christian radio program. There are numerous gems just like this one!

Darrell Moneyhon

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Does anyone know who wrote this song? I am interested in tracing the theological tributary that it appears to represent. I try to experience self as a spirital energy "fountain," both while doing my distance running (where a sense of "flow" is fairly easy to focus on) and during my daily life. I access Grace by imagining that I am a fountain flowing deep and wide. It also prompts me to "think like energy" in a way that I intimately connect (without the separation that material objects have) with God and Christ. While using this "autogenic" technique (of seeing and feeling a fountain), God is sensed in the deepest flow portions of the fountain. Christ is sensed in the intermediate depth zones and flowing into my life on the outmost surface of the "fountain." Christ connects the deepest parts of the fountain with the physical existence we experience here on the surface of overall reality.

Calvin Schemanski

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

From the throne, From the throne

There's a fountain flowing from the throne!

Kevin Brooker

Chula Vista, CA, United States

Great song and is one that helps bring joy knowing our Lord still loves us, deeply!

Ruth Browning

United Kingdom

I loved this song since I was little (1976) until now and during my Sunday children's meeting before starting the adult meeting. Praise The Lord, Amen.

Phil Clark

Harbor City, CA, United States

As the Lord has been digging up my family stronghold/sin roots, my current one touches a deep place in my heart because I can remember of being a kindgardener and experiencing this sin then. It had become so deeply rooted that I didn't even know it consciously.

So I guess I was in denial concerning this sin. It was revealed during a fast, in fact my church is currently all doing this fast. Anyway this is when the hymn, "Deep and Wide" came to mind, I know it was Jesus that reminded me of this wonderful hymn. This is how He is working in my life today deep and wide! Praise God, I can't say it's pleasant but it's worthwhile that I work along side of Him to pull these roots up to become cleansed than finally pure to experience His holiness and live as He does. Thank you.

Bro. Randy

Irvine, CA, United States

It's almost 1:00 AM Oct.16, 2011 and I just got home. As I was driving on my way back home there were bad and sad memories that flashed my thoughts and I can't help but just feel down and lonely...questioning WHY the Lord has allowed such to happen.

I've then noticed that my son has an open window on this PC about Deuteronomy 31:8 that led me to go seek a soothing music at

Presto, I sought for classic hymns about kids and DEEP & WIDE appeared. I've realized that we DON'T have to be drowned and buried with life's stress and problems. To the contrary, we should "always rejoice" and enjoy the "fountain" flowing deep and wide...we just have to tap this unlimited supply, the Lord's unsearchable deep and far-reaching.



London, Ontario, Canada

My fountain is overflowing with joy when I hear this song!!!