Lord, for this day, thankful to You

Lord, for this day, thankful to You,
I give myself to be joined to You anew.
You’re the living water,
Satisfies me ever,
Fills my spirit, in me spreads, and
Floods me till life’s fully manifest.
No need for doubt or anxious care,
Just seek His kingdom and righteousness fore’er.
Daily needs compelling,
All to Him I’m telling,
And His peace, so rich and deep,
Preserves me safe and keeps me constantly.
Always rejoice, ceaselessly pray,
In all give thanks, ’tis the all-excelling way.
Christ’s the living fountain,
My supply abundant,
All to His hand I entrust, and
He’ll preserve and keep me to the end.

United Kingdom

Sweet song to sing to and with the Lord. I first heard today at a memorial meeting of a brother who recently went to be with the Lord.

"He'll preserve and keep me to the end.."



It so good I feel that God is beside me.


Taichung, Taiwan

This hymn was written by a sister in Taiwan in Chinese originally. I translated this hymn to English. I hope every saint can enjoy this hymn.

Joseph Cho

Taipei, Taiwan

I think they were written by a middle-aged sister in Taiwan. She became a Christian in college and has been a crazy lover of the Lord all these years.

Eileen Jones

Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

Who wrote the lyrics please?


Salt Lake City, United States

No need for doubt or anxious care, just rejoice and pray unceasingly. In everything give thanks, ‘cause Christ is the living fountain, my life supply. He will preserve and keep me to the end!


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Lord, I give myself to be joined to You anew! Fill me and flood me till life's fully manifest.

Doel Camacho Singidas

Pagadian City, Philippines

Giving ourselves to the Lord every day will always keep us in the stream of living water.


Alabama, United States

Anybody Loving this Song????? Really a Great one for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Does any saints have Indonesia version of this song?