I thought I knew You

I thought I knew You, I did not love You;
I thought I met You, I had only heard of You.
You whispered to me, I shut my ears, Lord.
You tried to show me that You could be something more.

And then You caught me—
The great love You had for me—
I could not help but love Thee.
Lord, Your compassion had drawn me so entirely.
At last, I glimpsed Your beauty.
I felt so filthy, You shone on my sin.
I asked Your pardon, then You cleansed me from within.
My eyes were opened, now I could see You.
You were more real than anything I ever knew.

And then You freed me—
You hung and died on a tree—
I wasn’t even worthy.
Lord, then You found me and rescued me from my sins.
Lord, You are full of mercy.
David Edward Froman

Warren, MI, United States

I asked your pardon, then you cleansed me from within! Wow

Abraham Cherian

Kottayam, Kerala, British Indian Ocean Territory

I just love all the songs. It’s really giving peace to the troubled mind. May God almighty bless all those who compose these songs. I will try to teach these songs to the small children in a choir connected to a school, if you give permission. Thanks for all the melodious songs.

Hanah Itomay

Iligan City, Kapatagan LDN, Philippines

You were more real than anything I ever knew.

Judith Linburg

Palo Alto, CA, United States

O my soul, sing, sing praises to our Lord Jesus until eternity, we all will sing praises to Him forever and ever. Praise the Lord.

Eric Nkengayih Atembe

Buea, Southwest Region, Cameroon

My heart was all veil,until it was unveiled by the Lord....O LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!

Christopher Moore

Warwick, RI

Our Lord is so precious. HE saves us from our naturalness, pride, lust and all things negative. PRAISE GOD! HE is my redeemer, savior and friend. Love HIM, enjoy HIM and spend time in HIS presence.


Emi Aoki

Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

I love this song. This song calms my heart and soul.


Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

A lovely song indeed. It truly is God's kindness that leads us to repentance. [Romans 2:4] how kind and generous our God is, not only to save us but also to free us and renew us and then to use us! Glory to God!



What a wonderful song to sing to the Lord. I wasn't even worthy Lord, oh what great mercy!! Your great love caught me and now I cannot help but love Thee.