When on Thy table, Lord, we gaze

Brittany Ramirez

San Marcos, TX, United States

We’re waiting for that glorious hour, when in the fullest way we’ll feed on Thee and feast with Thee and worship Thee for aye!

Oh, Come Lord Jesus, Come!!

Max Zhao

Montgomery, New Jersey, United States

The portion is the cup divine

Composed of Jesus’ blood

This cup of blessings we receive

And gain what is of God!

What a mercy, what a Grace!

We can gain what is of God!

Andrea Carla Haway

Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines

Stanza 6:

"By feasting on this bread and cup

Thy death we now declare,"

1 Corinthians 11:26 says "... For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you declare the Lord's death until He comes."

footnote 1 - Or, proclaim, display. To take the Lord’s supper is not to remember the Lord’s death but to declare and display it. We remember the Lord Himself by declaring and displaying His death.

footnote 2 - ... By His first coming the Lord accomplished His death to carry out an all-inclusive redemption for the producing of the church... Hence, to declare the Lord’s death until He comes may imply the declaring of the existence of the church for the bringing in of the kingdom.


To eat the bread and to drink the wine is to declare His death, declare His all-inclusive death that produced the church! To take the Lord's supper until He comes back is also to declare the existence of the church for the kingdom! Hallelujah!

Lui Lee

Tokyp, Japan

Lord’s Table today in Waseda .. enjoying .. eating ...



Really enjoyed this hymn on the Lord's Day!

Christine Commons

Romford, Essex, United Kingdom

Dear Lord we can remember and worship You with the holy words of this hymn enjoying You. Amen.





Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Praise the Lord for this hymn!


The loaf portrays the bread of life. As heav’nly food to us,

Imparted by Thy mystic death

That we may share Thee thus.

This is so true! Amen!!!


I loved the relaxing feel of this song showing that Jesus Christ dies for ME!