Matthew, the Gospel

Matthew, the gospel of Jesus, the Christ, who
Came as the King to establish His kingdom.
Recommended and anointed, tested,
Tried, and still rejected,
Jesus, kingly Savior!
His ministry, parables,
Healing, authority,
Crucifixion, then rising in vict'ry:
Sowed He forth the kingdom seed,
He's coming back some day to reap it!
Jesus, King of Kings!
Ayodeji Adesina

Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria

This is quite inspirational! Thank you for bringing this online for us.


Beijing, China

Thank God!

Andy Welikala

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Abner: I am a teacher of English. I like to help you and your family members with the English language. If you are interested please email me to the given address.

With God's Blessings


Abner da Costa Santos

Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

I hope that I'll impruve more my english language and communication bether with ours friends in God in the world, because Jesus Christ is so good for us and living in us corporaty wich divine live in the chirth. That is my pray oll of days!! Amém!!