The image of the Father God (Alternate Tune)

The image of the Father God,
  Lord, we behold in Thee;
The fulness of the Godhead true
  In Thee dwells bodily.
Lord, Thou art God's eternal Word
  With life divine in Thee;
In Thee His grace we all receive
  With His reality.
Effulgence of God's glory true,
  The Son of God art Thou;
The very substance of Himself
  In Thee we all avow.
Embodiment of God Thou art,
  And with Him ever one;
In Thee is God expressed to us
  Beyond comparison.
God we enjoy in Thee, dear Lord,
  As life and everything;
To Thee and God our heartfelt thanks
  And praise we'll ever bring.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.