Here a Little, There a Little

We’re renewed and revived by the Lord day by day;
He is grace upon grace and refreshing as dew.
Shining brighter and brighter, our path’s a clear way,
As morning by morning His mercies are new.
Transformed by beholding from glory to glory,
And from strength to strength on to Zion we go.
Constitute us with truth as daily we study—
Here a little there a little—Your Word to know.
Perfected and nourished from house to house meeting,
We speak one by one that the church may be built.
As little by little ev’ry enemy’s fleeing,
More and more surpassingly with glory we’re filled.
  Day by day,
Grace upon grace,
Brighter and brighter,
Morning by morning
(His mercies are new.)
  Glory to glory,
Strength to strength,
Here a little,
There a little
(Your Word to know.)
  House to house,
One by one,
Little by little,
More and more
(With glory we’re filled.)
L. C.

San Juan, M.M., Philippines

Day by day,

Grace upon grace,

Brighter and brighter,

Morning by morning

Glory to glory,

Strength to strength,

Here a little, There a little,

House to house,

One by one,

Little by little,

More and more

Helena Munasque

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Thank You Lord for reviving and renewing us day by day! Your grace is as refreshing as dew and your mercies are new!!!

Maria Kim

New York City, NY, United States

The tune and lyrics have uplifted my spirit and soul very much!

Evangeline Ngo

Diamond Bar, California City, United States

Renewing, Reviving, Shining, Perfecting, Transforming, Constituting, Nourishing, Speaking, Infilling-everything is of the Lord. All we need is to stay open and be those beholding Him day by day, for His mercies are new and refreshes us with His bountiful grace. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Amen in His Body.

Though we are experiencing church meetings secretly (due to law prohibition), we steadfastly continuing His will of meeting with the saints. Hallelujah!

Andrea Carla Haway

Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines

Oh...this song's the theme of our Summer Truth Training this year...very nice song...

♥♥Ronaline Magsino♥♥

San Fernando Pamp., Pamp., Philippines

Lately I have been very busy, family and the worldly enjoyment I almost lost my enjoyment. There is this sister who asks me to listen to this hymn and I really enjoy it so much.

Why is it that a little time for the Lord is hard to give when we spend a lot of time with nonsense things. We should not underestimate the little time we give. This little time will nourish us and give us supply. This little by little would become more and more.

mercy subeldia

Praise the Lord that we are being renewed and revived by the Lord day by day. As little by little He transforms us and gives us strength.

Lord Jesus, I just want to constitute with Your word and be perfected in every meeting, so that I can speak you to others.

Brothers and sisters, we must speak one by one to build the Body of Christ (the Church).


Pagbilao, Quezon Province, Philippines

Praised the Lord that God renewed & revived us day by day.He become grace on us. He is shining on our dark pathway. As morning by morning He is mercies on us.

As litle by litle he transformed us and give us strength. I just want to constitute with His word and be perfected in every meeting so that i can speak HIM. if we speak Him one by one the church may be built, our enemies fleeing and glory will filled!


Ozamiz City, Philippines

amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praise the lord!!!!!!!!

The Bible was not written in a systematic way according to our thought. It was written according to what Isaiah said in Isaiah 28:13: "Therefore Jehovah's word to them will be:/ Rule upon rule, rule upon rule;/Line upon line, line upon line;/Here a little, there a little." We need the sight and the insight to put all the pieces of a certain truth together. I have spent much time to put the pieces of the truth concerning Christ's death together. All the verses I have collected from the Scripture give us a marvelous picture of Christ's wonderful, excellent, and all-inclusive death.

In the Cleveland conference I continued to give more messages on the experience of Christ and how to live Christ. In those six messages I was more and more deeply impressed that, no doubt, practically speaking, the Lord has really shown us the right way to live Christ. We all know that not only the New Testament, but also the Old Testament was written in the way of a puzzle. This is why so many teachers of the Bible like to systematize the things in the Bible. Isaiah 28:10 and 13 tell us that God speaks His word here a little and there a little. He speaks a little to Moses and a little to Joshua and a little to another one and a little to David. In the Bible God didn't speak in the way we do. Whenever we speak we like to have a completion to our speaking. But God didn't speak in that way. God spoke just a little bit to Abraham. Then, of course, God spoke a lot to Moses. At least two full books were God's speaking to Moses, especially the book of Leviticus. From the first verse of chapter two to the last verse of the last chapter, it is altogether God's speaking. That speaking of God to Moses was longer than God's speaking to anyone else. Even Psalm 119 has only one hundred seventy-six verses. The book of Exodus has forty chapters; Leviticus has twenty-seven; Numbers has thirty-six; and Deuteronomy has thirty-four. This means there are one hundred thirty-seven chapters of God's speaking just to one man, Moses. Yet still that was only a little of God's entire speaking. Why? Because it was not completed. After speaking to Moses it may be that the Lord spoke to over forty different people in different places at different times. Still God's speaking was not completed until Paul. Paul said his commission was to complete the word of God (Col. 1:25). Paul was bold. No other one ever had the boldness to tell people he had a commission to complete the word of God. In the Bible no one chapter is so complete in revealing God's economy to us, but a little is here, a little is there, piece after piece, like a big puzzle. All the pieces are scattered and mixed up, so you need to spend many hours to put the pieces together. Then you can see the picture.

In 2 Timothy 2:15 Paul issued a charge: "Be eager to present thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, cutting straight the word of the truth" (Gk.). Every Bible student pays attention to this verse. When I was young, the Brethren teachers stressed the importance of cutting straight the word of the truth. Paul charged Timothy in this way because the truth regarding any matter is not found all in one place in the Bible. Rather, it is found throughout various books of the Bible, with a part in one place and another part in a different place. In His wisdom the Lord reveals the truth in this way. Perhaps He did this so that those who are careless will have difficulty knowing the truth. To know truth we must be diligent. Hence, Paul charged Timothy to "be eager."

Some say we should not be strict or legal in studying the Word. They insist that we should read the Bible only when we are inspired by the Spirit to do so. This is like saying that there is no need to eat three meals a day, but a need to eat only when the Spirit inspires us. This means that if there is no inspiration, we should not eat. Paul, on the contrary, charges us to be eager. If we are truly eager to present ourselves approved to God, then when we read the Word, we shall find the truth revealed in one place after another, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. We need to put all these pieces together in order to see the picture, the vision. According to Isaiah 28:13, the word of the Lord is "precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little." This means that we find the truth a little at a time.