Lo, from vessels, earthen only

Lo, from vessels, earthen only,
  Shining forth in ceaseless grace,
Reaching weary hearts, and lonely,
  Beams the light from Jesus’ face!
Christ, the light that fills the heavens
  Shining forth on earth beneath,
Through His Spirit freely given
  Light of life ’midst shades of death;
Down from heaven’s unclouded glory
  God Himself the treasure brought,
Closing thus His love’s sweet story
  With His sweetest, deepest thought.
Earthen vessels, marred, unsightly,
  But the treasure as of old,
Fresh from glory, gleaming brightly,
  Heaven’s undimmed, unchanging gold.
Vessels, broken, frail, yet bearing
  Through the hungry ages on
Riches giv’n with hand unsparing—
  God’s great Gift, His precious Son!
Mark Sallade

Post Falls, Idaho

“2Co 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God and not out of us. ”

“This treasure, the indwelling Christ, in us, the earthen vessels, is the divine source of the supply for the Christian life. It is by the excellent power of this treasure that the apostles as the ministers of the new covenant were capable of living a crucified life that the resurrection life of Christ, whom they ministered, might be manifested. Thus, they manifested the truth (v. 2) for the shining of the gospel. ”

Excerpt From

Holy Bible Recovery Version -with footnote

Living Stream Ministry

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