Fight the battle in the Body


😪Throwback to the 2019 July Training

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

In the day of warfare...

Chukwuemeka A Iheaka

Aurora, Colorado, United States

Yes Lord, the victory is already Yours. We just stand on Your victory to defeat the enemy, Your arch enemy.

The battle can only be won in the Body.

Daniel Lee

Davis, CA, United States

I am on the way for family training to Bay area. We are enjoying this hymn in Ben. We fight in the body.


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Our Lord is moving to Europe now. Bless those who are going with all the spiritual blessings! Our fighting is not by our own, but in the Body on the throne. Lord! You have already won the victory, we are fighting by Your virtues to dethrone Your enemy!!!



Standing together with the Body in ascension. Being one with the Lord in our living and in His intercession, ministry and administration.

Erina Morrison

New Zealand

How true saints let us stand in oneness, and one accord, proclaiming His victory! Now the God of peace crush will crush satan under our feet shortly. The grace of The Lord Jesus be with us, amen.