Conflict today is fierce

Conflict today is fierce,
  The strength of Satan more;
The cry of battle calling now
  Is louder than before.
  The rebel voice of hell
  E’en stronger now becomes;
But list, the midnight cry resounds,
  Behold, I quickly come!
Trials more bitter grow,
  The fighting doth enlarge;
Hell’s forces rally all their pow’rs
  And gather for the charge.
  Yet while we wait and watch
  And feel the war severe,
We hear the joyful song ring out,
  Jesus, the Lord, is near!
’Tis harder at the end
  The word to testify,
For Satan fights with all his pow’r
  Our witness to defy.
  Much greater strength we need
  The foe to overcome;
How happy when the Lord we see
  And all our sighing’s done!
Who then will forward go
  Strong in His mighty power?
Who then will firmly trust the Lord
  Until the vict’ry hour;
  Till with the conqu’rors blest,
  The triumph song’s begun?
That man will then rejoice to hear,
  Behold, I quickly come!
Who then will choose God’s best,
  And take the narrow track,
Though passing thru the wildest storms,
  Yet never turning back?
  Who now will dare press on,
  Enduring pain and fear?
All such will then rejoice to see
  Jesus, the Lord, is near!
Though deep the darkness be
  We still would onward go,
Till we the day of rapture greet
  And glory ’round shall glow.
  ’Tis there we’ll see the Lord,
  And Satan overcome;
The overcomers will rejoice,
  Jesus, the Lord, has come!

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Olympia, WA, United States

The warfare is stronger at the end. In the world situation now, you see how much the enemy even wants to literally kill, steal, and destroy, discourage, stumble, persecute, and wear down the ones "predestinated unto sonship." He wants to stumble people in their faith so that they doubt the goodness of God's heart toward them in the midst of the suffering in the world, for one thing. And if not trying to damage us through sufferings, death or imprisonment, the ridicule for their faith, and persecutions, then he will cause us to fall asleep and enjoy the earthly things while forgetting that a warfare even exists. But in Christ there is the power of resurection, and even a power that seated Christ far above all, subjecting all things under His feet, and making Him head over all things to the Church, His Body (Eph. 1). (Revelation, the book that calls for overcomers in chapters 2-3, also shares with us that the Spirit is now called the seven Spirits, implying that the power and grace of the Spirit has now been intensified 7-fold so that we can answer His call to become "he who overcomes" in this dark age. Not just power, but 7 fold power. ). In Ephesions 6 it says we can be empowered in this powerful Christ, for the warfare, and in Eph 5 says we can become His Bride that is glorious and without spot or wrinkle. This Bride, in a white garment, is seen in Revelation 19, and will come back with Christ as His army to overcome antiChrist and end this dark age, bringing in the age of the kingdom. God needs those who answer His call to be "he who overcomes" in Revelation 2 or 3. He needs the 144, 000 in Revelation 14 as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. He needs the man-child in Revelation 12. He needs His Bride who will make herself ready in Revelation 19. Until He gets this, there can be no Revelation 21-22. He has prepared Himself as the resurrection power and the grace for us to become what He needs; we just need to receive His grace and say,

Amen, I'm willing for you to make me an overcomer, and work with you to gain others for Your Bride. Lord, do get Your glorious Bride, get Your overcomers, so you can end this dark age!" I love this part of the hymn. :

"Who then will forward go

Strong in His mighty power?

Who then will firmly trust the Lord

Until the vict’ry hour;

Till with the conqu’rors blest,

The triumph song’s begun?

That man will then rejoice to hear,

Behold, I quickly come!"


Tbilisi, Georgia

Watchman Nee had a keen awareness of the normally unseen war raging between God and Satan over the possession of mankind. As a voice declaring the truth concerning Christ in the spiritual darkness of China, Nee writes in this hymn how “hell’s forces rally all their pow’rs” to stir up “the wildest storms. ” This war grows stronger, louder, harder, and more bitter toward the end.

If the truth of this hymn unmasks Satan’s strategy to wear down and discourage God’s

people, it also works to awaken them from any confusion, numbness, and indifference toward the fight. Few Christians may ever be called to speak to thousands or suffer imprisonment for their faith as Nee did, but each one has an all-important opportunity to experience and display Christ’s overcoming life in daily routines. We are surrounded by people who desperately need to see Him expressed through us. This is our battlefield until at last “the triumph song’s begun! ”

As soldiers in Christ’s army, what should our attitude be toward this hidden, yet so real, war? Nee exhorts us to be encouraged, for the Lord Jesus quickly comes; to sing, for He is near; and to be happy, for we have greater power to witness. Captivated by His glorious return and motivated by the overcomers’ future reward, we “will forward go, strong in His mighty power. ”


Tbilisi, Georgia


კონფლიქტი მძვინვარებს,

მტერი ძალას იკრებს;

ბრძოლის ხმა მოგვიხმობს ახლა

მეტად ვიდრე ადრე.

მოჯანყე გეენა

ხმას უფრო იმაღლებს;

შუაღამისას უფლის ხმა

ჰქუხს “მე მოვალ მალე! “


დიდ განსაცდელებში,

ბრძოლა ძლიერდება;

მთელ თავის ძალ-ღონეს იკრებს

ჯოჯოხეთის  მხარე.

ჩვენ ვიცდით და ვფხიზლობთ,

ომის სიმკაცრეს ვგრძნობთ,

გვესმის მხიარული ჰანგი

უფალი ახლოა !


სულ უფრო ძნელდება

სიტყვის დამოწმება,

მთელი ძალით მტერი ცდილობს  მოწმობის დარღვევას.

სიმტკიცე გვჭირდება,

მტრების დასაძლევად;

ვიხილავთ უფალს, ვიხარებთ

წუხილი გაქრება.


მაშ, ვინ წავა  უფლის

მძლეველი ძალით წინ?   

ვინ მიენდობა მტკიცედ მას გამარჯვების დრომდე;

სანამ მძლეველებთან

ტრიუმფს არ იგემებს?

ასეთი ხარობს ესმის რა

“აჰა! მოვალ მალე! ”


მაშ, ვინ აირჩევს ღმერთს,

გაყვება ვიწრო გზით,

თუმც გაივლის ძლიერ შტორმში

უკან არ დაიხევს?

ვინ გააგრძელებს გზას,

დაითმენს შიშს, ტკივილს?

ასეთი იხარებს ხილვით

უფალი ახლოა!


თუმც ღრმა სიბნელეა  

მაინც  წინ მივიწევთ,

სანამ ატაცების დიდ დღეს

დიდებით ვიბრწყინებთ.

ვიხილავთ ჩვენს უფალს,

ვიმძლავრეთ რა მტერზე;

გამარჯვებულნი ვიხარებთ,

უფალი დაბრუნდა!

Hassan Stone

Bulacan, San Jose Del Monte, Philippines

Hallelujah Praise the Lord The Lord Jesus Already Win Amen put the armour of God Amen Emmanuel Defeat Satan


El Monte

Satan will be defeated!!!


Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Lord, strengthen us with power and train us to fight the battle..! Yes, Lord here we are because of Your economy!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Those who built the wall and those who carried burdens took the loads with one hand doing the work and with the other holding a weapon (Nehemiah 4:17).

Chris Condon


To bring forth the One New Man, practically, is the battle of the ages. We have the opportunity to be the warrior bride to bring in the Kingdom. Lord, strengthen us with power and train us to fight the battle in the Body to bring the Kingdom to earth.

Ross Yang

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Oh, Lord Jesus. We are numbered in your army for the spiritual war! Lord, we know that right now Your will cannot accomplish on the earth freely because You have so many hindrance. Praise the Lord, You have Your army on the earth who will fight for Your interest and bring your kingdom down! Praise the Lord, let us be strong in spirit and have a heart that desperate to be mature every day! Jesus my Lord!

Eric G. Lauron

Iligan, Philippines

Today we are in the warfare. To fight in this battle, we need not to advance but to withdraw in our mingled spirit. It is only in our mingled spirit that we can maintain the victory that Christ gained on the cross.

Praise the Lord !!!!!!!!

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