When thou wakest in the morning

When thou wakest in the morning
  Ere thou tread’st the untried way
Of the lot that lies before thee
  Through the coming busy day;
Whether sunbeams promise brightness,
  Whether dim forebodings fall,
Be thy dawning glad or gloomy,
  Go to Jesus, tell Him all.
In the calm of sweet communion
  Let thy daily work be done;
In the peace of soul-outpouring
  Care be banished, patience won;
And if earth with its enchantments
  Seek thy spirit to enthrall,
Ere thou listen, ere thou answer,
  Turn to Jesus, tell Him all.
Then, as hour by hour glides by thee,
  Thou wilt blessed guidance know,
Thine own burdens being lightened,
  Thou canst bear another’s woe;
Thou canst help the weak ones onward,
  Thou canst raise up those that fall:
But remember, while thou servest,
  Still tell Jesus, tell Him all.
And if weariness creeps o’er thee
  As the day wears to its close,
Or if sudden fierce temptation
  Bring thee face to face with foes;
In thy weakness, in thy peril,
  Raise to heaven a truthful call;
Strength and calm for every crisis
  Come, in telling Jesus all.


Thank you Lord Jesus I can tell You everything

Onyii Kanma

Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Oh lovely song!!!

Tell it all to Jesus , my best friend ever!

He does not only listen, but He always does something great each time l tell Him everything , so l must always go tell Him them all.

Love you Jesus!


Champaign, IL, United States

Right. Lord, remind us to tell You all in the mornings and throughout our day!

Betty Jane Bonn

Dunlap, Illinois, United States

Another hymn admonishing us concerning prayer is "Sweet Hour of Prayer." I've sung this hymn for 60 years or more.

Here's the first verse.

Sweet hour of prayer! Sweet hour of


That calls me from a world of care,

And bids me at my Father's throne

Make all my wants and wishes known;

In seasons of distress and grief,

My soul has often found relief,

And oft escaped the tempter's snare

By thy return, sweet hour of prayer.

God bless you all who pray!