When thou wakest in the morning

When thou wakest in the morning
  Ere thou tread’st the untried way
Of the lot that lies before thee
  Through the coming busy day;
Whether sunbeams promise brightness,
  Whether dim forebodings fall,
Be thy dawning glad or gloomy,
  Go to Jesus, tell Him all.
In the calm of sweet communion
  Let thy daily work be done;
In the peace of soul-outpouring
  Care be banished, patience won;
And if earth with its enchantments
  Seek thy spirit to enthrall,
Ere thou listen, ere thou answer,
  Turn to Jesus, tell Him all.
Then, as hour by hour glides by thee,
  Thou wilt blessed guidance know,
Thine own burdens being lightened,
  Thou canst bear another’s woe;
Thou canst help the weak ones onward,
  Thou canst raise up those that fall:
But remember, while thou servest,
  Still tell Jesus, tell Him all.
And if weariness creeps o’er thee
  As the day wears to its close,
Or if sudden fierce temptation
  Bring thee face to face with foes;
In thy weakness, in thy peril,
  Raise to heaven a truthful call;
Strength and calm for every crisis
  Come, in telling Jesus all.
Alan Lee

San Jose, CA, United States

i remember appreciating this hymn for the first time back in college. Ever since then, I have not practiced enough this secret of "go to Jesus, tell Him all"

My realization now is we never graduate from going to Jesus and telling Him all. Telling Jesus is how we have sweet communion, how we have strength and calm, how we can bear another's woes, how we can withstand the enemy. "Still tell Jesus, tell Him all"

Steve Miller

Detroit, Michigan, United States

This song is spot on for our overly busy lives today.

I woke up this week with this song in my heart, so I called it, and we sang it in church today.

I prefer this original tune over the new tune for this song. The new tune is lively, but not as fitting for this song. The original tune gives you time to think about the message of the song and not be in a rush.


United States

Amen! Lord, in everything we come to You and tell You all!


Gainesville, FL, United States

No matter what, we need to go to Jesus! Whether everything is going good or bad, Jesus needs to be involved. Lord, cause us to come to You each day and seek Your face!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Go! Turn! Still! Come! Tell Him all!

Gabby and Lisa

Los Angeles, California, United States

We just simply cast all our burdens on the Lord - He cares! Just spend time to tell Him all.


Chattanooga, TN, United States

The Lord loves us so much. He really is with us no matter what we go thru-daily needs to crisis. We can tell Him all! He knows us and wants us to have such an intimate and personal relationship with Him no matter what time of day or night it is or what we may be going through. Praise our wonderful Lord Jesus for being so sweet!

P Watson

Lake Forest, CA, United States

Amen! Talking to Jesus, like a friend, rather than appealing to Him like a God far away from us, is the best way to cultivate an intimate, personal relationship with Him. This is what God wants, to speak "face to face" like He did with Moses.