There is a certain sense of life

There is a certain sense of life
  With life of every kind;
And in th’ eternal life in us
  It is a sense divine.
The higher any life may be,
  The better is its sense;
The life divine the highest is
  And has the highest sense.
It is the sense of life in us,
  It is the sense of God;
’Tis in our spirit made alive,
  And more than sense of good.
It is the inner sense in us,
  The inmost consciousness,
Discerning matters inwardly,
  God’s will to thus express.
’Tis by this sense that God we know,
  The sense of inner life;
’Tis pow’rful and spontaneous,
  And not of any strife.
The greater is our growth in life,
  The keener is this sense;
The more we walk and act in life,
  The more it is intense.
The sense of life when exercised
  Will make our spirit bold,
And by this inner sense of God
  True fellowship we hold.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Joel Cabajes

Makati, Philippines

The content of this hymn reminds me that, there is a certain "sense of life" I gained through regeneration-the life of God. Rom. 8:6 says, "For the mind of the flesh is death: But the mind of the spirit is life and peace." Praise Him for the sense of life that gives us feelings of life and peace by minding the things of the spirit. By this I feel strong and satisfied within. Amen.