God created us His vessels

God created us His vessels
  His expression to achieve;
Thus He made a heart to love Him
  And a spirit to receive.
With our heart we have to love Him,
  With our spirit Him possess
As our life, of Him partaking,
  That Himself we may express.
Satan has our heart corrupted,
  To our spirit death did give,
That the Lord we should not contact
  But by self attempt to live.
Thus the Lord in His salvation
  Heart and spirit has renewed
To recover our receiving
  And our loving aptitude.
It is by our heart’s renewal
  We may God in love pursue,
And in newness of the spirit
  We may contact God anew.
Ever true and pure and single
  To the Lord our heart must be,
Poor in spirit, ever seeking
  God to contact constantly.
Keep our heart, Lord, in love’s freshness,
  And our spirit strengthen more,
That in newness of the spirit
  We may touch Thee o’er and o’er.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Texas, United States

"God created man as a vessels to contain Him, and out of the many vessels He chose us to contain Him, the God of honor, that we might be vessels of honor"(... )

Romans 9:21, footnote 1.

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA

A vessel unto honor...

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