One thing every heart desireth

One thing every heart desireth
As it probes in vanity,
Groping for its life’s true meaning,
Longing for reality.
Hid in every aspiration,
In whate’er man doth contrive,
Is the longing for fulfillment;
For this man doth ever strive.
For with nothing here to live for,
How long could man be sustained?
Thus within the old creation
Man’s existence is maintained.
For this, old creation’s needed:
It’s the bridge of space and time,
Till God brings forth new creation,
His eternal realm sublime.
This implanted sense of purpose
Sown within the heart of man;
Working throughout all the ages,
Is for God’s eternal plan.
Deep in man’s a God-shaped vacuum,
Something only God can fill,
There’s a human spirit longing
To know God’s eternal will.
All things are but temporary;
Vanity of vanities
But th’eternal life assuageth
Thirsty sinners who believe.
Though the nations think they’re seeking
Joy, peace, love, security,
Christ alone can fill their longing,
As the one reality.