God’s glorious substance Spirit is

God’s glorious substance Spirit is,
His essence, holy and divine;
To contact God and Him enjoy,
His Spirit I must touch with mine.
The spirit is the innermost,
The part of man most deep and real;
If he would contact God in life,
’Tis with the spirit he must deal.
The worship which the Father seeks
Is in the spirit’s strength alone;
His Spirit into man’s would come,
That His and man’s may thus be one.
When Spirit unto spirit calls
The two commingle and are one;
Man’s spirit is the Spirit’s home,
The Spirit doth man’s life become.
Man’s spirit must God’s Spirit touch
If in God’s fulness he would live;
’Tis only with the spirit thus
That he to God may worship give.
In ministry and fellowship
Man to the spirit we must bring;
All ministry should turn to prayer,
Spirit to spirit answering.
In spirit we must pray and serve,
In spirit touch the life divine,
In spirit grow, in spirit build,
That Christ thru us may fully shine.
Lord, to the spirit I would turn
And learn to truly contact Thee;
Thy Spirit thus will flow with mine
And overflow eternally.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Tom Hutchinson

Piscataway, New Jersey, United States

This week this hymn is in the Holy Word for Morning Revival. So I came here to learn how to sing it. I am a vessel made to contain God. This hymn shows how I can experience this.


Ca, United States

This hymn is very precious. It reminds me that I was created in the image of God according to His likeness (Gen 1:26). It also tells us that God created us and chose us that we might be vessels to contain Him (Romans 9:21). Praise the Lord Jesus for our mingled spirit.

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