O Love divine, by Christ revealed

O Love divine, by Christ revealed,
Incarnate Love that died for me,
To Thee myself I gladly yield,
I consecrate my all to Thee.
O Light divine, by Christ displayed,
Source of all light, who flesh became,
Shed Thy bright beams upon my head,
Burn in my heart a constant flame.
O Truth divine, by Christ made known,
All truth must Thy reflection be;
Within my heart set up Thy throne,
And in Thy freedom make me free.
O Cross divine, by Christ endured,
Thou cross on which He groaned and died,
And man’s redemption thus secured,
In Thy blest shadow let me hide.
O Peace divine, by Christ bestowed,
Thy heavenly dove to earth come down,
May He within make His abode,
My life with His dear presence crown.
O Joy divine, by Christ possessed,
For which He did the cross endure,
Fill with Thyself and make me blest,
Contented, restful and secure.

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

This hymn writer not only understood God’s word but experienced it. I enjoyed seeing Christ in so many ways in my own experience.

Maurice Degarennier

Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom

I was looking for Come Down O Love Divine but found this. It expresses everything.

Janet Smith

Sidney, B.C, Canada

Where can I find this hymn? I love it and hadn't ever heard it before. I have loads of books but none have this hymn in it.