I hunger and I thirst

I hunger and I thirst;
  Jesus, my manna be;
Ye living waters, burst
  Out of the rock for me.
Thou bruised and broken Bread,
  My lifelong wants supply;
As living souls are fed,
  O feed me, or I die.
Thou true life-giving Vine,
  Let me Thy sweetness prove;
Renew my life with Thine,
  Refresh my soul with love.
For still the desert lies
  My thirsting soul before;
O living waters, rise
  Within me evermore.
Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Lord, I am still hungry.

Atlanta Brother

Atlanta, GA, United States

Does anyone know where I can find the chords for the new tune to this song?


Copenhagen, Denmark

Oh Jesus, You are really my manna when I am hungry and thirsty.


Abuja, Nigeria

Oh that I may hunger more for Him!

Ruby Pojas

Hong Kong

Praise You Lord Jesus that You are the real manna. You alone can satisfy my hunger. You are the living water that can quench my thirst. Thank You Lord that You are my satisfaction...