He died for me that I might live

He died for me that I might live;
  I live for Him who died,
My life, my love to Him I give—
  Jesus, the Crucified.
  O Jesus, my Lord and Savior,
Help me to fully follow Thee
In life and death and loving service,
  As Thou hast lived and died for me.
He died for me that I might die
  To Satan, self, and sin;
O death so deep! O life so high!
  Help me to enter in.
He lives for me that I may live
  As spotless e’en as He;
Savior, to me Thy nature give,
  And live Thy life in me.
He lives for me that I may give
  His love to hearts that pine;
Let me like Him for others live,
  And trace His steps divine.

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Daniel Wang

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Live to Him is better than live for Him according to 2 Cor. 5:15,”no longer live to themselves but to Him who died for them and has been raised. ”

Peter Ong

Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines

Lord Jesus you died for me that I may live. By your mercy I want to live that I may die. Live to Christ as my person in my regenerated spirit. Die to satan self and sin. Though the outer man is decaying, yet the inner man is being renewed day by day. Amen

Thanh Le

San Francisco, California, United States

Praise the Lord! You died for me that I might die to Satan, self and sin. You live for me that I might give Your love to hearts that pine. Praise the Lord, I love You!


Sydney, NSW, United States

Very nice tune.


Hyderbad, AP, India


In the church life, whether in the brothers' houses or the sisters' houses, if we live by the divine and resurrected life, this life will put to death our natural affection. In this way, we will have the same love toward all the brothers and sisters and will not be close to some and distant from others. If we daily die to our self, to our natural affection and opinions, the power of the resurrection life within will operate, and the divine life and nature will be manifested from within us. As elders, co-workers, and brothers or sisters, when we come among the saints, the first thing we need to do is to die to ourselves, not having our own choice, taste, or desire. Only then will the power of the resurrection life be able to operate within us, and only then will the resurrection life be able to be dispensed into others through us. This was the life that the Lord lived on the earth: dying to the self and living out the Father's life. Today, if we believers are to live Him and follow Him, we need to have the same kind of living. Stanzas three and four of Hymns, #362 say:


The various kinds of situations and circumstances in our daily life are all for us to know the power of Christ's resurrection. We are not trying to be a Christian. Rather, we are living out a Christian life. To be a Christian is not a matter of trying, but a matter of living. Trying depends on human effort; living depends on resurrection. Hymns, #362 says, "He died for me that I might live," and "He lives for me that I may live." The Lord did not only die for me, but He also lives for me so that I can live. Instead of trying by myself, I am living by Him.

If we have seen that spiritual reality is Christ Himself, when we go out to visit the saints, to shepherd the saints, or to teach the saints, we will hold on firmly to the principle that we are ministering Christ to them. This is not merely to comfort them in their suffering but to transmit and supply Christ into them through fellowship. For this reason, we need to gain and experience more of Christ, because if we have not received the supply from Christ, it will be difficult for us to supply others, and if we have not experienced Christ, it will be difficult for us to nourish others. There is a hymn which says, "He lives for me that I may give / His love to hearts that pine" (Hymns, #362). May we all be this kind of people, giving His love to the hearts that pine.