I need Jesus, my need I now confess

I need Jesus, my need I now confess;
No friend like Him in times of deep distress;
I need Jesus, the need I gladly own;
Though some may bear their load alone,
  Yet I need Jesus.
  I need Jesus, I need Jesus,
  I need Jesus every day;
Need Him in the sunshine hour,
Need Him when the storm-clouds low’r;
Every day along my way,
    Yes, I need Jesus.
I need Jesus, I need a friend like Him,
A friend to guide when paths of life are dim;
I need Jesus, when foes my soul assail;
Alone I know I can but fail,
  So I need Jesus.
I need Jesus, I need Him to the end;
No one like Him, He is the sinner’s friend;
I need Jesus, no other friend will do;
So constant, kind, so strong and true,
  Yes, I need Jesus.

Miami, Fl, United States

This song reflects what I am going through right now. Others may think that they can carry their load alone but I need Jesus. I went to church tonight and this song was sang in Haitian creole. It is uplifting and motivating. I didn't know the lyrics in English, but in the Haitian song book, it tells you the English titles of some of the song and I look it up on line. I hope to sing it in my church this coming Sunday.


Kampala, Uganda

This song is a reflection on Christ our Lord and King. I need Jesus is so valid because without Him life would be a waste of time. He brought me up and took me as His own through grace. His love is omnipotent and He is truly the reason we all live. I encourage those that dont know Him to buy a Bible or just download some sermons and try Jesus. Your life will never be the same.


Sj, United States

i like this song because the tone is very uplifted for young people. i need to confess that i need Jesus to the End. he is the beginning and he is the end.

no one like him in this world could forgive our sins no matter how great it is. our we need to do is to turn to the Lord and call him name: " oh, Lord Jesus! I need you. forever... and ever Amen>

Jane Palmer-Baker

Galion, OH

I Love this song because the author was my Great-Grandfather, George O. Webster. I have such a sense of joy when i hear it. Thank You.