Lord, I seek Your will

Lord, I seek Your will
And Your will alone.
Though there’s times I hold my ground
And block the way.
Lord, wait longer than I
Until Your way You’ve gained,
Until Your way You’ve gained.
This naturalness within
Disguises my intentions.
It’s a mixture of soul.
Show me where You lie
And I’ll discover there
Alone my hearts true delight,
Alone my hearts true delight.
May I not rush the night;
Though signs I may not see,
Yet Lord I trust You will
End my soulish source
And with the morning light
Resurrection will remain,
Resurrection will remain.
So I resign this day
The ruling of my life;
Lord, You will meet my need.
Faithful unto God,
You make me so content
When Your heart’s satisfied.
When Your heart’s satisfied.

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Many years ago I heard this song on a CD and was moved by it. Though I didn't fully grasp the words at the time, I am really glad to have this now on hymnal.net and can muse over it some more.

What touches me is that this is a honest prayer that we can offer to the Lord: seeking Him while knowing our condition, and giving Him the thoroughfare for His will, His heart's desire to be carried out.

Dr Lindsay Carey

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia