Amazing words!—He ’gave Himself for me

Amazing words!—He ’gave Himself for me,’
For me—rebellious, sinful, guilty me.
For me the Savior bore the cross and shame;
Rejoice, my soul, and bless His sacred name.
For me He left His glorious throne above,
For me revealed His Father’s wondrous love,
For me He tabernacled here below,
For me He drank the bitter cup of woe.
For me He was reviled, despised, betrayed;
For me was scourged, condemned and crucified;
For me He suffered on th’ accursed tree,
For me—lost, wretched, vile, unworthy me.
For me in agony He groaned and died,
For me God’s righteous law He satisfied,
For me His precious blood He shed to save,
For me He rose triumphant from the grave.

BR, LA, United States



Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Thank You Lord for such a personal salvation.

So many years later after the previous comments on this hymn still the same experience; His heart never changes.

Edward Chang

San Diego, CA, United States

This hymn is truly beautiful. The tune matches the words in its sincerity. "For me" - we often appreciate that Christ died for many, died for the Church, died for all. These are all important in our appreciation and understanding, but there comes a point when, in our personal relationship with Christ, we must have the reality that He died "For me".

Paul saw this. As one who persecuted, and murdered early Christians, God came to Paul, and the glory of God threw him to the ground, blinded. He had realized that Jesus is Lord. But eventually he had a much greater appreciation: "I am crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me..." and the often overlooked part are in the words that follow, " ...who loved me and gave Himself up for me". Christ died for Paul not to stop him from persecuting Christians, or that he might be a great apostle. No, Christ died for Paul, because Christ loved him. And further, Christ resurrected and ascended for Paul, that now as the true comforter as the Spirit, entered into Paul as his life, that Paul might live the life of Christ. This life is of the only one capable to love all man, to love back the Christ whom he persecuted, and to pursue Christ and run the race with endurance by looking away unto Jesus. This too, must be our realization and, one day, our experience.

I echo what our sister commented: If I were the only person ever born, He would have done it for me. Amen.


Warren, MI, United States

If I were the only person ever born, He would have done it for me.