Lord, Thou art God’s anointed

Lord, Thou art God’s anointed,
  Thou art of kings the King!
Here in full adoration
  Our song to Thee we bring!
Thy kingdom is forever,
  Established is Thy throne!
Thy reign with love and justice
  In glory stands alone!
Upon the hill of Zion
  Hath God established Thee
And all the nations given
  Thy heritage to be.
To Thee hath God committed
  His full authority
To rule with might the nations
  Unto eternity.
Before the time of fulness,
  While darkness still prevails,
Ten thousands daily render
  To Thee their loyal hails!
From shore to shore Thy people
  To Thee their praises sing;
They worship, love, and serve Thee
  As their dear Savior-King!
When in the time appointed
  With glory Thou wilt come,
The earth with all its nations
  Thy kingdom will become.
In majesty and splendor
  Wilt Thou be served as King,
All kindreds and all peoples
  To Thee their praise shall ring!

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

John T. C. Kan

Chicago, IL, United States

Luke 12:32 - Do not be afraid, little  b flock, because your Father has been  well pleased to give you the kingdom.

This hymn from the Little Flock really tells how the Son of Man came as the slave of God (Gospel of Mark) has been crowned as the King of kings!

Stephen Bellingham

Irvine, CA, United States

This is a wonderful hymn! The Lord Jesus is on the throne! Very encouraging especially during the current pandemic and troubling times. "From shore to shore Thy people to Thee their praises sing." Amen!

(Can also be sung to the tune of hymn #824)

Alex Lee

Taipei, Taiwan

Such a wonderful song! especially in Stanza 3 "from shore to shore thy people..."

Always brings me see saints around the world, all praise the one God in one love!! On the Lord's Day, all saints sit / stands around the Lord's table, through singing and praising to remember His death and resurrection! Hallelujah!


Fullerton, CA, United States

This is such a wonderful hymn worshipping our Savior-King! The hymn is written with such a global view. Our God has given us His heritage - to rule the nations with His authority. What a high aspiration for us to attain! Amen, Lord Jesus - come quickly!

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