Tell me not of earthly pleasures

Tell me not of earthly pleasures,
  Tempt me not with sordid gain;
Mock me not with earth’s illusions,
  Vex me not with honors vain.
I am weaned from sinful idols;
  I am henceforth not my own;
I have giv’n my heart to Jesus,
  I belong to Him alone.
  I am not my own,
I am not my own.
I belong to Jesus,
  And I am not my own.
Oh, the blessed rest it brings us
  To belong to Christ alone;
We can draw on all His fulness
  When we’ve nothing of our own.
Blessed Jesus, take me, own me,
  Make me, keep me wholly Thine.
Deign to find in me Thy portion,
  While I joy to call Thee mine.
Weary soul, give up the struggle,
  Cease at length thyself to own;
Give yourself away to Jesus,
  And belong to Him alone.
Once He gave His all to win thee,
  Now He asks as much of thee;
All He has He fully gives thee;
  Let thy love His portion be.
Bro.Jeff Hall

Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

We belong to Jesus and we are not our own.... Ultimate consecration, all we are and all we have, we give up to The Lord, otherwise we are of no use to Him..........

Ruth Liong

Pleasanton, CA, United States

O Lord , I'm hate my old man Adam, How shameful to look at myself ,

renounce myself to you Lord, I am not my own , I belong to you . Lord attract my heart , may I eyes only look at you

Allen In Christ

Lagos, Nigeria

He paid the highest price to win us! How can we so selfish be not to respond to such love? Lord I give myself away to Thee, for all is ours when we are His.

Stephen Coker

Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan

We are not our own, 1Cor 6:19, "and you are not your own" . Hallelujah, We belong to Jesus! How comforting.



Lord Jesus, thank You we belong to You... We are not of our own, we belong to You. We love You Lord Jesus.

Corey G Toby

CT, United States

Praise God!!


Toledo, OH, United States

What grace, what a mercy that we are not our own, that we can leave everything to the Lord. Blessed Jesus, take me, own me, make me, keep me wholly Thine. Once we let go and give oneself completely to Him the struggles cease and then we have rest.


Bellevue, Washington, United States

"Lord, make this a reality in me! I belong to Jesus and I am not my own." In struggles and pains we turn to One who knows well the human sufferings of life, Jesus Christ our Savior. Once we allow Him the way in us we can fully rest in Him as our life and life supply. When we stop our struggling and let Him be the King in us can we know real rest. I am still learning to let go and to let Him be the Leading One in me.


Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Thank You,Lord. I'm not my own, I'm not my own, I belong to You, and I'm not my own. Amen.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Ohh Lord, Hallelujah! I am not my own! I belong to Jesus! Just for Thee... Amen.

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