All my life long I had panted
  For a draught from some cool spring,
That I hoped would quench the burning
  Of the thirst I felt within.
  Hallelujah! I have found Him
Whom my soul so long has craved!
Jesus satisfies my longings;
  Through His life I now am saved.
Feeding on the husks around me,
  Till my strength was almost gone,
Longed my soul for something better,
  Only still to hunger on.
Poor I was, and sought for riches,
  Something that would satisfy,
But the dust I gathered round me
  Only mocked my soul’s sad cry.
Well of water, ever springing,
  Bread of life, so rich and free,
Untold wealth that never faileth,
  My Redeemer is to me.
Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

Clara Tear Williams was born on September 22, 1858, near Painesville, Ohio. She grew up on the homestead inherited from her Christian ancestors, who emigrated from the Isle of Man – where they had heard John Wesley preach. At the age of 13, “the love of God” came into her heart. In her teens, Clara increasingly consecrated her life to the Lord, yielding her future into his hands.

During her late teens, Clara began assisting others in holding gospel meetings, at which time she penned “Satisfied. ” Later, she traveled and preached from town to town as a circuit-rider in several states, filling a spiritual void among God’s people.

In May 1895 at the age of 36, she married William H. Williams. He had been a profane, Godless, young man, but after turning 30, he had a profound reconsideration of his life and came under intense conviction of his sinful state. A timely word from a faithful Christian leader drove William to go home, pray, and confess his sins. Pacing the floor, he flung open the door of his heart, believed in Christ, was saved.

This spiritually well matched couple gave their lives to the Lord’s work. William faithfully earned his living, both has a mill foreman and a school janitor. At other times, he and Clara were circuit-riders together, they had three daughters.

Clara served with her husband until his death on May 17, 1934, at the age of 79. Clara went to be with the Lord on July 1, 1937, at the age of 78. In addition to leading many individuals to the Lord, Clara wrote the enduring hymn,

”Satisfied” for future generations to enjoy Christ.

(Hidden Pearls-chapter 7)

John Wambugu

Nakuru, Rift Valley, United States

When Jesus found me and I accepted for Him to come in and stay; He released Hunger and thirst into my soul.

From then I hunger and thirst for Him such that I tirelessly listen to his words, sing or read.

But this Hymnal always deepens His presence and my desire for Him.

I thirst and long for Him day and nigh. I stay detached from the world most of my days. Praise the name of Jesus.

Solita Soriano Baliong


Praise be unto Him, The Lord Jesus Christ!!!

My Rock and my Redeemer

Stephen Coker

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Hallelujah, He has found us!

Scott Wickham

Mountainair, New Mexico, United States

I thank God fir the sacrifice at Calvary that paid my sin debt. Thank you JESUS!! 🤠🇺🇸💯🎶🎼🎸

Victor Rocha Pinheiro

Divino, MG, Brazil

Grateful, grateful, grateful. I am grateful!


Prais God! ☺

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Hallelujah! I have found Him

Whom my soul so long has craved!

Amen Lord Jesus

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, Hallelujah, we have Found HIM!!

Whom our soul so long have sort, Jesus satisfy my

longing by HIS LIFE I now am saved... Thank you Lord

You are such a Wonderful Redeemer!! Praise YOU Forevre!

What a Satisfaction are YOU.


Kohima, Nagaland, India

Praise the Lord!

My God satisfies all my longings.

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