Within my heart a praise o’erflowing

Within my heart a praise o’erflowing
’Tis the gracious Lord, my song;
There never was a song so excellent;
Heaven’s joys to me belong.
  In my heart there springs a melody,
The sweetest melody, a song so heavenly,
In my heart there springs a melody,
There springs a melody of love.
O wondrous love, the Lord has saved me,
Granting me new life and joy;
Amazing grace! He’s living now in me;
Grace and love I now enjoy.
O light of life, my Lord now leads me.
Step by step this song I raise;
O perfect peace, Christ now abides in me,
Welling up in psalms of praise.
O what release! I shall be raptured,
Where the vict’ry song we’ll sing;
O what an honor, reigning with the Lord;
Angels’ celebrations ring.
The Holy City, what a blessing!
Living water flowing free,
The tree of life with fruits abundant, sweet,
Satisfy eternally.

Blue Ridge Mountains, NC, United States

His melody springs up within our souls. We cannot contain our joy, and praise overflows from our hearts. May it always be this way!


Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

Another beautiful hymn, lifting our eyes from the things around us to the things unseen and the hope we have in God. God is worthy of our praise.