The day approaches; Jesus soon is coming

The day approaches; Jesus soon is coming.
Redeem the time; it must not slip away.
Lord, make us ready for the cry: “Behold Him!”
By using every moment of each day.
  When Jesus comes, will we go in to meet Him?
When Jesus comes, will we from self have ceased?
He’s coming soon to take the wise ones with Him.
  Oh, let us not be left outside the feast.
Lord, help us to redeem these golden moments;
Our vessels fill with ointment from above;
Help us amen each trial and tribulation;
Increase in us; make us abound in love.
  He’s coming soon—these moments are so precious.
The oil is here—Oh, let us buy the more.
Amen the trials and welcome tribulations—
  The kingdom’s ours through these afflictions sore.
Lord, ever turn us from our soulish pleasures
To gaze upon Thy tender, loving face.
Oh, keep us running forth to meet the Bridegroom
And patiently attending to the race.
  When Jesus comes, will we be in His presence?
When Jesus comes, will we His face behold?
Oh, let us not return to sloth and folly,
  But jealously His loving presence hold.
As His dear Bride, let us go forth to meet Him,
Our lamps well-trimmed, our fires burning bright,
Our vessels filled, our eyes set on His glory,
To be with Him completely satisfied.
  Yes, satisfied—Christ and His Bride together.
Yes, satisfied—throughout eternity.
Oh, what a rest, what joy, what love, what favor
  To be His Bride when He comes to His feast!

Ingezi, Mashwest, Zimbabwe

unouya unouya haarambi anyerere


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Lord, these days are the consummation of the age. In these days rekindle my love toward You!

Chen Yuan

Urumqi, Xinjiang, China



Nova Iguaçu, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Yes, Lord, let us not be left outside the feast.


Sydney, Australia

Amen! Jesus is coming soon...let us meet Him!!

Let us not be left OUTSIDE the FEAST...

Eunice Garcia

NY, United States

My prayer: Lord make this day count in Your eyes...

I repent of wasted time. We must pay the price to buy the oil in order for our vessels to be filled! Just keep coming to Him again and again and again.... Every morning of each day... Do not allow your time to be usurped.

"Oh, let us not return to sloth and folly,

But jealously His loving presence hold".


This is a beautiful song and helps one to think about the things that really matter. I'm curious as to who the author of the lyrics is. Would someone happen to know?

Sharon Rose M. Tabugo

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

This song indeed makes me cry. Oh, what a rest, what joy, what love, what favor to be HIs Bride when He comes to HIs feast. It will be a GLORIOUS DAY to be with our dear Bridegroom, a day that would last for eternity. I wanted to get married Lord, but I want to be Your Bride. I long for Your appearing. When I see Your glorious face I will seize that moment and make it last for eternity. I am nothing without You. That is why I long for that grandeur to be with You; a part of Your dear BRIDE on the wedding day.

Samuel Y.

Arlington, TX, United States

I first heard this song after a major surgery when I was in the greatest pain. It reminded me that the most important thing is to gain more oil at every opportunity. One year later, I sang this song at a high school conference on "the kingdom". I realized that everything in the world is waste in comparison to the kingdom of the heavens. We should gain the Lord at every opportunity and overcome the world and our soul life so that we do not miss out on the one thousand year wedding feast. Otherwise, we will be in the outer darkness for one thousand years regretting that we did not take every opportunity to overcome. Saints, we should become overcomers during our lifetime in this age, instead of the one thousand years in the next.

Boaz Lee

Fairfax, Virginia, United States

Jesus is coming. I'm fourteen, and I went to the NY conference. We should all prepare for the Lord's second coming. We can't waste anytime. We've already wasted enough of it. We just need to hasten His coming, and get prepared for it.