The day approaches; Jesus soon is coming

The day approaches; Jesus soon is coming.
Redeem the time; it must not slip away.
Lord, make us ready for the cry: “Behold Him!”
By using every moment of each day.
  When Jesus comes, will we go in to meet Him?
When Jesus comes, will we from self have ceased?
He’s coming soon to take the wise ones with Him.
  Oh, let us not be left outside the feast.
Lord, help us to redeem these golden moments;
Our vessels fill with ointment from above;
Help us amen each trial and tribulation;
Increase in us; make us abound in love.
  He’s coming soon—these moments are so precious.
The oil is here—Oh, let us buy the more.
Amen the trials and welcome tribulations—
  The kingdom’s ours through these afflictions sore.
Lord, ever turn us from our soulish pleasures
To gaze upon Thy tender, loving face.
Oh, keep us running forth to meet the Bridegroom
And patiently attending to the race.
  When Jesus comes, will we be in His presence?
When Jesus comes, will we His face behold?
Oh, let us not return to sloth and folly,
  But jealously His loving presence hold.
As His dear Bride, let us go forth to meet Him,
Our lamps well-trimmed, our fires burning bright,
Our vessels filled, our eyes set on His glory,
To be with Him completely satisfied.
  Yes, satisfied—Christ and His Bride together.
Yes, satisfied—throughout eternity.
Oh, what a rest, what joy, what love, what favor
  To be His Bride when He comes to His feast!
Aliki Reddy

Athens, Greece

The time is now. Enjoy Him now. Love Him more now. Waste yourself on Him now. Don't let your circumstances be your excuse. We must overcome everything to have His presence now. Then, when He comes, it will not be strange. It will simply be the fullness of what we are already enjoying.

Lorace Kang

Seoul, South Korea

Oh how sweet! I sang this song in the YP conference. Oh Lord Jesus, let us not be left outside the feast.

Wendy Risso

United States

This song is very touching. I feel that I need to be prepared for His coming. Amen saints. We need to mature as His bride!

Ray Wiseman

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Oh, may we jealously hold His presence now! I really consider this to be the essence of this hymn because our deepest desire is to remain in His presence to enjoy this organic union eternally! O how I love Him!

In Him,


Liezel Totanes

Baguio City, Philippines

Praise the Lord! Let us redeem the time, let us pay the price buy the oil. Praise the Lord for Christ is coming for us. Hallelujah for such enjoyment!


California, United States

O Lord! Redeem the time! We must not let it slip away! Lord, prepare us day by day! Have mercy Lord! That we would pay the price to buy the oil in this age. We want to be found ready as Your bride when You come back!

Sabrina Lee

CT, United States

This song touched me very much.

I was really enjoying the Lord through this song and felt a personal connection with Him.

Praise the Lord that He soon is coming!

Brothers and sisters, we all need to be ready and prepared we have to turn away from worldly pleasures and turn to Him.

Our lamps well trimmed and fired burning bright

Lets hasten Our Lord's arrive!

We want to be there for His feast, well dressed and ready for the cry: BEHOLD HIM!


Franklin Park, New Jersey, United States

This song makes me cry...

Yes satisfied, Christ and His Bride together...

I can never explain how much it means to me to have the satisfaction that God can give to us. When I see my friends in their pain and sufferings, I just wish they would listen to me and be able to experience the same thing I get whenever I come to God.

julius salmeron

Quezon City, Metro,manila, Philippines

This song inspired me much. The more I read and sang it, the more our Lord Jesus becomes so much dearer to me.

George Ospina

Irving, Texas, United States

O Lord Jesus!!! The day approaches, Jesus soon is coming!!! O let us not return to sloth and folly. Will we go in to meet Him!!! Lord, save us from being slothful. O Lord Jesus!