Morning Star ablaze at night

Morning Star ablaze at night,
Do come in, enlighten me;
Save me from my still-dark state,
Let Thy light shine brilliantly!
Be my hope, my wait, my want,
Looking toward Thee, ne’er afar,
Trusting in Thee—Light of life,
All-transcending, heav’nly Star!
Morning Star still burning bright,
Set aflame my inward being;
Fill my heart with radiant light,
Rays of love as Spirit bring!
My sure faith when none is there,
Shepherd, Thou dost truly care;
Living in me, Thou would’st move,
In my heart spread everywhere.
Morning Star—arise and shine,
Lead my path, direct my way;
As the guiding cloud of yore,
Fire by night and cloud by day;
Let Thy word e’er open be;
Through each line, shine into me;
Till the day dawns—Thee to see,
Face to face—no veil between.
Morning Star, Thou dost appear,
Ever brighter, ever near;
Rising, beaming, in my heart,
What a joy, this sight so clear!
In Thy presence darkness flees;
In Thy light, how glad are we,
Waiting, watching, seeking Thee,
Thy dear coming hastening.