When I am in the natural man

When I am in the natural man,
How very strong I feel I am.
I do not know, I cannot scan
    How weak I am.
When in the world I have my life,
I cannot sense my failure rife,
But boasting in my earnest strife,
    I forward press.
When I within the darkness dwell,
My shallow state I cannot tell,
I only think how I excel,
    And proudly dream.
But when at last I come to Thee,
Thy searching light uncovers me,
I see what I could never see—
    My self exposed.
I wither ’neath Thy piercing ray,
And all my strength dissolves away,
My self-esteem in dust I lay,
    And lowly bow.
How blind and foolish is the pride
With which my soul was fortified;
From my dark heart, self-satisfied,
    It issued forth.
There’s not a thing that pride can claim,
There’s not a member but is lame,
There’s only deep regret and shame,
    How can I pray?
Thy blood from judgment saveth me.
Thy life from wrath delivers me,
How filthy yet in poverty
    I really am.
I want to pray, but faith have not,
I fain would seek Thee as Thou art.
Oh, canst Thou e’er renew my heart,
    Have mercy, Lord!

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Lilly Ho

Santiago, Chile

Oh Señor, que nuetros corazones se vuelvan Ti, para que el velo sea quitado. Para que nos cubras con Tu preciosa sangre, para que tengamos encuentros genuinos contigo y nos sintamos consolados en nuestros corazones... Señor te lo pedimos por causa de Tu mover y sea el tiempo de la manifestación de Tus hijos! Oh Señor Jesús!!! Amén

Nancy Davis

Kingsland, Texas, United States

Brought tears to my eyes. Dear Lord, thank you for loving us. We love you back dear Jesus! Amen.

Christi Lo

Auckland, New Zealand

Thank You Lord Jesus, Your far reaching mercy, reaches even me, a sinner.


New Jersey, Point Pleasant Beach, United States

Oh Lord Jesus! Renew our hearts today. Thank You, dear Lord Jesus. You are full of mercy. We love You, Father.


Dipolog City, Philippines

Thank the Lord He is merciful! His light exposes us and His blood redeems us! May the Lord renew our hearts every time we come to Him. Oh, how we praise Him!