Lord, teach us how to pray

Lord, teach us how to pray,
Not as the nations do in vain,
But turn us from our way,
And cause us, Lord, to call on You each day—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord, You’re the seed of life;
You’ve sown Yourself into our heart,
And now You have a start;
So day by day more life to us impart—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord Jesus, soften us;
You know the source from which we came.
By calling on Your name,
Lord, let no earth unturned nor rocks remain—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord, how Your light makes clear
That we could not but e’er fail You;
Yet there’s a message true,
The seed of life within us will break through—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Make us in spirit poor;
Lord, take whate’er we think we know.
We’ll open to life’s flow,
And thus take in the life that makes us grow—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Lord, make us pure in heart;
For we’ll be not content until
You all our being fill,
O Lord, renew our mind, emotion, will—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Yes, Lord, impress our heart
That we must take You in each day;
The seed will have its way;
Your growing brings the kingdom here to stay—
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Amen!—The growth in life!
There’s nothing that Your life can’t do;
Our every part renew.
We’ll make it, we’ll make it just by You.
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
  Lord Jesus, grow in us.
Chris Condon

London, England, United Kingdom

What a timely word. We can be pure, holy, perfect, and God's expression and enlargement only by His life. There's nothing that His life can't do. But He must have a way. He has a start but we must turn, call, pray, and let His light shine on us. We amen the growth of life in us. We'll make it just by Him. Lord Jesus, grow in us!


Anaheim, California, United States

Grow in us. We will not be happy until you gain your Bride LORD

Nkosinathi Bebeza

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Yes Lord! We’ll make it, we’ll make it just by You.

Lord Jesus, grow in us.


London, United Kingdom

Yes, His life can renew our every part!


Vedbaek, Denmark

There's nothing but You Lord.

Lord grow more the seed in me.

James K

Ypsilanti, MI, United States

The kingdom of God is Christ as the seed of life sown into His believers. The development of the kingdom is the believers growth in life. Lord Jesus grow in us! (Lk 4:43 ft)

Jenny Chiu

Fairfax, VA, United States

Lord, impress our heart that we must take You in each day. The seed will have its way. Lord, grow Thyself in us.

Sister Vali

Tirana, Albania

Lord, make me pure in heart.


Lord Jesus teach ne how to pray...oh Lord Jesus...

Thanh Le

San Francisco, California, United States

Lord Jesus grow in me. Knowledge of You is good but not enough. Teaching, doctrine I don't care. Only one thing is necessary for me is You, Yourself, Lord Jesus. Dear Lord Jesus grow in me!

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