Oh, strengthen my spirit, Lord Jesus

Oh, strengthen my spirit, Lord Jesus,
Oh, strengthen my spirit, I pray;
Oh, strengthen my spirit with power
And spread to my heart today.
  Into my heart, into my heart,
Spread into my heart, Lord Jesus;
Make home today and have Your way
  In all of my heart, Lord Jesus.
Spread into my heart, O Lord Jesus,
Spread into my heart, I pray;
Spread into my heart from my spirit,
Spread into my heart today.
Make home in my heart, O Lord Jesus,
Make home in my heart, I pray;
That we may be filled with Your fullness,
Make home in my heart today.
To Him who is able to do it
Above all we think or say,
We open our hearts wide and welcome
Him into our heart today.

Brownsville, TX, United States

Praise the Lord!

Sandra Wood

Pune, Maharashtra, India

It's a beautiful hub. The Lyrics touched my heart, imagine the hymn sung.

Pavel Gailans

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Amen. Spread into my ❤ I pray!


In all of heart. To Him who able to do it!

Raja S

Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

amen. praise the Lord

Nelson K

Sydney, Australia

"Make home today and have Your way in all of my heart..."


Gainesville, FL, United States

The Lord is faithful to place this song in my heart whenever I’m feeling anxious, and I find myself praying, “Oh Lord Jesus, make your home in my heart more today than yesterday. I want you to be a permanent resident in my heart! ”

Then as the Lord makes His home in our heart, He occupies more space and there is less space for anxiety, worry, and any other feeling (good or bad) that’s not of Him. He’s on our front porch waiting, all you have to do is let Him in!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Make Your home in our hearts today!

Martin Ochoa

Sacramento, CA, United States

How easy it is for our hearts to go astray. Our heart is constantly drifting into many directions. I want this, or maybe I should do that... We have a God that wants to make His home in our heart. A God that is living in our regenerated spirit. Saints, even at times where we know out heart is drifting, we need to still ask the Lord to spread into our heart. We know the more we try, the more we can not. That is why we ask Him to do it for us. Lord, I know I have drifted. Lord, spread into my heart and have Your way! Amen!


Make home today and have Your way in all my heart Lord Jesus!