O Lord, Please Hear My Cry—Grow Apace

O Lord, through all the years I’ve been under Your word,
Yet the rate of growth matched not Your grace.
I have heard very much, yet how deep have I been touched;
O Lord, please hear my cry—grow apace!
  Grant me to stay
Lord, every day,
Open and longing to see
Your beauty, Your glory, Your supremacy!
Lord, empty me,
Increase in me;
Fill all my being thoroughly.
In the earlier years when Your love felt so strong;
To pursue just felt easy, worthwhile.
Now I’ve journeyed so long, with the wind contrary, strong;
I’m afraid I might drift in a while.
  Lest I should stray,
Draw me, I pray,
Loving and seeking Your face,
To run with endurance and finish my race!
O may Your joy
Become my joy;
May You be all my employ.
May Your building, O Lord, measure me, be my light,
All my living and serving to prove.
Draw me nigh day and night, minist’ring to Your delight;
Lord, initiate my every move.
  Grant me to heed
Your Body’s need;
None else on earth would I seek:
Not service, nor persons, nor earthly intrigue!
Deepen the flow,
Your Body grow,
Your bride prepare, kingdom show!

Draw me Lord!