O Lord, Please Hear My Cry—Grow Apace

O Lord, through all the years I’ve been under Your word,
Yet the rate of growth matched not Your grace.
I have heard very much, yet how deep have I been touched;
O Lord, please hear my cry—grow apace!
  Grant me to stay
Lord, every day,
Open and longing to see
Your beauty, Your glory, Your supremacy!
Lord, empty me,
Increase in me;
Fill all my being thoroughly.
In the earlier years when Your love felt so strong;
To pursue just felt easy, worthwhile.
Now I’ve journeyed so long, with the wind contrary, strong;
I’m afraid I might drift in a while.
  Lest I should stray,
Draw me, I pray,
Loving and seeking Your face,
To run with endurance and finish my race!
O may Your joy
Become my joy;
May You be all my employ.
May Your building, O Lord, measure me, be my light,
All my living and serving to prove.
Draw me nigh day and night, minist’ring to Your delight;
Lord, initiate my every move.
  Grant me to heed
Your Body’s need;
None else on earth would I seek:
Not service, nor persons, nor earthly intrigue!
Deepen the flow,
Your Body grow,
Your bride prepare, kingdom show!
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

May You be all my employ.

Employ means: make use of.

-from Old French employer, based on Latin implicari ‘be involved in or attached to’,

Having begun by the Spirit are we now being perfected by the flesh Gal 3:3

Our way going on should be God. We are not using Him in the worldly sense but drawing all our supply from Him as the source. He is the way.

Sebastian Sammet

Ditzingen, Germany


Dasha Chong

Stuttgart, Germany

Lest I should stray, Lord draw me I pray! To daily love and seek Your precious face. To run with endurance and finish my race!

Pete Kunkel

Lompoc, CA, United States

Lord Jesus, initiate my every move!


FL, United States

Oh Lord Your Life and Person had attracting me! Keep drawing me day and night. I'm like a bee enjoying every sweetest moment of Life. You are my honey! Oh Lord I Love You! Thank You my King for everything! I praise You for ever!!!


Draw me Lord!