Melt in His Presence

Melt in His presence,
Live before His face;
Drink of His nearness,
Faint in His embrace.
Gaze at His beauty,
Stir upon His sight;
Bathe in His glory,
Bask in His delight.
Melt in His presence,
Rest before His feet;
Hide in His bosom,
Fix on His heartbeat;
Yearn for His whisper,
Long for His still voice;
Tune to His senses,
Yield to His best choice.
Melt in His presence,
Sink into His Word;
Breathe in His Spirit,
Feast on all His words.
Muse on His speaking,
Read into His thought;
Join to His being,
Share in all His lot.
Melt in His presence,
See into His heart;
Take on His burden,
Tend to His dear charge.
Pray with His feeling,
Rhyme with His desire;
Ask with His boldness,
Glow with His own fire.
Melt in His presence,
Joy beneath His gaze;
Bless for His wonders,
Praise for all His ways;
Sing of His mercy,
Shout to His true grace;
Wait for His coming,
Watch for His dear trace!

Based on an Augustinian quote.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, I want to linger in Your presence all day long today. Save me from so many distracting things that steals my attention.. and from leaving Your presence. I don’t want to lose Your uplifted countenance. I love Your gaze & Your smiling face. Come Lord Jesus!

David Choi

San Jose, CA, United States

what a wonderful progression! coming to Him, meeting Him in our spirit and in our situation, coming to His words in prayer, opening and obeying all His speaking from within, and finally waiting for the return of the love of our lives!