Melt in His Presence

Melt in His presence,
Live before His face;
Drink of His nearness,
Faint in His embrace.
Gaze at His beauty,
Stir upon His sight;
Bathe in His glory,
Bask in His delight.
Melt in His presence,
Rest before His feet;
Hide in His bosom,
Fix on His heartbeat;
Yearn for His whisper,
Long for His still voice;
Tune to His senses,
Yield to His best choice.
Melt in His presence,
Sink into His Word;
Breathe in His Spirit,
Feast on all His words.
Muse on His speaking,
Read into His thought;
Join to His being,
Share in all His lot.
Melt in His presence,
See into His heart;
Take on His burden,
Tend to His dear charge.
Pray with His feeling,
Rhyme with His desire;
Ask with His boldness,
Glow with His own fire.
Melt in His presence,
Joy beneath His gaze;
Bless for His wonders,
Praise for all His ways;
Sing of His mercy,
Shout to His true grace;
Wait for His coming,
Watch for His dear trace!

Based on an Augustinian quote.