Let Love Prevail

Did you ever realize
God’s word by love is summarized?
“Love God; love your neighbor, too.”
May God’s love fill both me and you!
  Love the Lord!
Love each other—
Love the sisters and
Love the brothers!
Love all men;
Love both friend and foe—
Then the world God’s love will know!
Let love prevail!
How God loves us! And in kind
We love our Lord—heart, soul, and mind!
Once on dross our love we poured;
Now, with the first love, love the Lord!
We the Lord’s commandment take;
Love for His people ne’er forsake!
Thus the church will builded be,
Christ’s longed-for bride, eternally!
Though the earth is dark today,
Choose love, the most excelling way!
When God fills us, we embrace
Both good and bad, the human race!
Jolly Kuo

Downey, California, United States

Lord above all things in the world! We still choose to love You! We are not here for anything else but to express YOU! HALLELUJAH!

Sam Nicholson

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Thank the Lord for the 2023 North America College Training