Know and Experience the All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ

Let’s seek God’s will for His purpose:
Christ our center, Christ our focus;
Christ our life and everything!
God’s eternal will and pleasure:
Christ wrought in us in full measure,
All His fullness expressing!

He’s all-inclusive
And all-extensive!
Let’s know, experience Him!
Let’s trust God’s counsel,
Abide in God’s will,
Make Christ our goal, quest, and theme!
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,
Christ our milk and Christ our honey,
Sabbath, new moon and new feasts!
Eat Him! Eat Him! Eat more of Him!
Drink Him! Drink Him! Overflow Him!
Breathe Him! Be His life increase!

Christ is our good land,
A rich and vast land;
We lack for nothing in Him!
Now walk more in Him,
Absorb more of Him,
Filled more and more to the brim!
Christ must be preeminent in
Our love, our tripartite being,
And our daily living too!
In our spiritual experience,
And our private universes,
He must have the first place true!

We’ve all been chosen,
A corporate person,
To make Christ preeminent!
God’s ruling o’er us
In our universe
To give Christ preeminence.
Christ, God’s myst’ry, God embodied—
In Him we’re made full and splendid;
All God’s fullness dwells in Him!
Let us realize what is in Him,
Exercise faith, partake of Him,
And lose sight of all but Him!

For all He is and
Attained and obtained
Belongs to us already!
For all that He has
Experienced has
Become our own history!
With Christ we have one position,
One life, living, destination,
Glory, in the heavenlies!
Christ is our life, Christ’s subjective;
He’s our living with one motive—
Life and glory to release!

He’s all the members,
In all the members;
He constitutes the new man!
His peace must rule us,
His word must fill us,
To manifest one new man.
Broaden, lengthen, heighten, deepen
Our spiritual dimensions;
All Your fullness manifest!
In each daily situation,
With each person, time, location,
Magnify Your boundlessness!

You’re all inclusive!
You’re all extensive!
This light must penetrate us!
May all Your riches,
Your exhaustlessness,
Be day by day wrought in us!

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Hallelujah!! "

May "Christ must be preeminent in

Our love, our tripartite being,

And our daily living too!"


Stockton, CA, United States

PRAISE the Lord we are joined one spirit with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17). He is so willing & available for us to receive Him as such an all-inclusive, extensive Christ in the divine transmission through our being open & being rooted in Him as the good land (Col. 2:6-7). Lord, keep us open to receiving more and more of You unto Your glory, praise, increase, spread now and forever. Amen