Christ is the one reality of all

Christ is the one reality of all,
Of Godhead and of man and all things else;
No man without Him ever findeth God,
Without Him man and everything is false.
All types and figures of the ancient time,
All things we ever need, both great and small,
Only are shadows of the Christ of God,
Showing that He must be our all in all.
All things are vanity of vanities,
Christ, the reality all things to fill;
Though everything we may enjoy and own,
If we’re devoid of Christ we’re empty still.
Christ is our real God, our real Lord,
Christ is our real life, our real light;
Christ is our real food, our real drink,
Our real clothing, and our real might.
Christ also is the one reality
Of all our doctrine and theology;
And all our scriptural knowledge without Him
Is just in letter and is vanity.
Christ, the reality of time and space,
Christ, the reality of every stage;
Christ is the one reality of all
Thru all eternity from age to age.

Christ is so real!

Jacob Klassen

Seminole, Texas, United States



Stuttgart, Germany

What a beautiful song, elevating the Truth. Thank you, brother.

Audrey Atkinson

Raleigh, North Carolina

The words are so true and it is beautifully written and the music is noble and great. Thanks for sharing. Where can I get a copy?