The Full Ministry of Christ

  The full ministry of Christ
Is carried out in three stages
For the fulfillment of God’s eternal economy.
In the first stage of incarnation:
To bring God into man,
To express God in humanity,
And to accomplish His judicial redemption.
In the second stage of inclusion:
To be begotten as God’s firstborn Son,
To become the life-giving Spirit, and
To regenerate the believers for His Body.
In the third stage of intensification:
To intensify His organic salvation,
To produce the overcomers, and
To consummate the New Jerusalem.
  Incarnation, inclusion, intensification.
Incarnation, inclusion, intensification.
Ira Hsu

Eugene, OR, United States

Lord, may we realize your sevenfold intensified organic salvation today! Produce us as Your overcomers!


Atlanta, GA, United States

Does anyone have the full ministry outlines with guitar chords that Howard Higashi put to music?


Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Lord, I consecrate myself to You, for the fulfillment of Your Economy !!!!