Lord Jesus, draw me

Lord Jesus, draw me one step further;
Draw me, Lord from where I am.
I’ve been here too long already.
Move me, Lord, I know You can.
Your whisper, Lord, so softly sounding,
Deep within my heart does burn.
Let Your stillness now subdue me
That Your feeling I discern.
All idle thoughts and impure feelings,
Lord, remove from mind and heart.
Wash me in the crystal water
And more life to me impart.
All hidden things that block my vision,
Rocks of self-ambition, pride;
Now expose and burn away, Lord
By Your look intensified.
Increase the weight of glory in me,
Let Your Spirit now transform,
That all things would not be wasted
But would work to save me more.
Lord Jesus, oh how much I need You!
Thank You, Lord, that You are here,
Ever present as the Body.
I would always seek You there.
allen wang

Irvine, Ca, United States

Wow, this song is so good. Lord draw us one step further. We don't want to remain lukewarm. Make us burning for You. Remove all things that block the heavenly vision. We want to see more of You. Thank You Lord.


Brisbane, QLD, Australia

'O Lord, do draw us one step further, draw us Lord from where we are'. How we just need to give ourselves to the Lord, so that He may impart more of his life into us! Praise Him!

Kathy N.

CA, United States

This song really expresses the deep experiences of Christ. When He speaks, He speaks so softly, yet at the same time He burns within, the only thing we can do is stop and listen to what He wants to say. Sometimes He touches me about my thoughts and self-ambition and pride.. He is slowly exposing and burning them away. Whatevers not of Him, must be burned away. His Spirit is transforming me and saving me day by day. Lord, I just want to remain open to Your spreading in my being.

Noel and Anita

Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

We like this song because it brings us more to His presence.


Riverside, CA, United States

I LOVE this song!

we should be drawn away... to the Lord!

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!


Iligan, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

we should ask the Lord daily to draw us closer to Him! We really need Him, in order for us to grow! and to be builded up with one another! for His Body! Amen!!!

Dora Yao

New York, USA

Praise the Lord! Draw us more today! May we never be content of where we are but always pursue to draw near to Him in all situations in all circumstances. Lord, transform us, saturate us that we may become your image!

sis. jeanne

Surigao City

i really like this song....

praise the lord continue to enjoy CHRIST....