Thou my everlasting Portion

Thou my everlasting Portion,
More than friend or life to me,
All along my pilgrim journey,
Savior, let me walk with Thee.
  Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee;
All along my pilgrim journey,
  Savior, let me walk with Thee.
Not for ease or worldly pleasure,
Not for fame my prayer shall be;
Gladly will I toil and suffer,
Only let me walk with Thee.
  Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee;
Gladly will I toil and suffer,
  Only let me walk with Thee.
Lead me through the vale of shadows,
Bear me o’er life’s fitful sea;
Then the gate of life eternal
May I enter, Lord, with Thee.
  Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee;
Then the gate of life eternal
  May I enter, Lord, with Thee.
Muyiwa Lawrence Adedara

Kiel, Schleswig-holstein, Germany

The Holy Spirit dropped this song in my heart this morning so I quickly searched google and found it on this site. As I sing, it puts eternity in my focus, the beautiful mansions beyond the blue. Glory! Haleluyah!

Ebenezer Arotile

Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

It was the most wonderful day of my life when I first heard this song at my friend's place at Ibadan, it was inspiring to me, and I had a soul lifting moment, I got lifted in my spirit that I started shedding tears, ever since then, this song has become a favourite that I can't do without, in fact I sought for the lyrics on google and still searching for where to pick its CD, thank God for the life of the composer, I'm indeed blessed having this song in my memory...........

Isaac Mwangi

Nairobi, Kenya

Can I get this song in kikuyu language?

Kelechi Idimogu

Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

After being alone with God yesterday, this was the song that came to my spirit this morning so I sang it. It's my regular companion when I want to commune with Him even when I'm in the car and each time I play it, I feel His presence more. It inspires me and helps me to remember that Christ lives in me and this is the only hope of glory. It's an encouragement for a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

Shehu Garba Iriafen


Hearing this timeless hymn I remember my involvement with CAPRO at the last days gatherings in JOS. The dissection of truth and heavenly consciousness is a memory I will never forget as we often close with this hymn.

Hope Yoloye

London, United Kingdom

Blessings of the Lord to both my parents who took me to Church regularly as a child and sent me to Christian governed Schools in my formative years until I went to professional training institution. I am very grateful to Dr. Ezekiel Funso Omowo who, by the Spirit leading conveyed to me what it means to be a Christian; and I am forever grateful to God for my Pastor, Choir Master and Mentor, Revd. Gabriel Farombi who raised me up as young believer and pushed me hard to be really a responsible and accountable Christian.

I don't remember where I first learned this awesome and inspiring song in my pilgrimage so far, it was somewhere in my journey above. Today, I have been reading Ezra 8, then referred to Esther 1 for some reason, then back to Ezra 8, when I was reminded again that everything that pertains to life and fruitfulness can ONLY be due to God's presence. Leading me to unearth this timeless hymn in my depth and search for its full lyrics. A lot better, more spiritual and more meaningful than the current psychedelic Christian songs, I would agree.

My confession: You are my everlasting Portion, Jesus Christ.

My Prayer: Please let me CLOSELY WALK WITH YOU. Amen!

Adesina Omitogun

Ota, Ogun, Nigeria

This hymn carries me away always. I feel like flying away with it. What a hymn, so inspiring!

Jackson Imarhiagbe

Calgary, AB, Canada

To God be the glory for this blessed song from a blessed heart. Tears flow freely from my heart today as I cried singing this hymn. What else do I want from life than to be closer to my maker. My prayer is when the gate is opened, let me enter with Thee O Lord.

Fyneboy, Andrew James

Dallas, Texas, United States

Just as I began to worship on the mountain at 4am, having the thought to pour out my heart, I remembered Students Congress held in Gboko Nigeria 2008, where I first heard this hymn; my cares then gave way to my passion "To be close to God". What a longing...

Funke Ayoola

Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria

I will be a year older tomorrow so I sing this song to You my Master, King and Lord to grant me fresh grace, zeal, love and faith to continue my walk with You while doing Your will.