Lord Jesus, draw me

Lord Jesus, draw me one step further;
Draw me, Lord from where I am.
I’ve been here too long already.
Move me, Lord, I know You can.
Your whisper, Lord, so softly sounding,
Deep within my heart does burn.
Let Your stillness now subdue me
That Your feeling I discern.
All idle thoughts and impure feelings,
Lord, remove from mind and heart.
Wash me in the crystal water
And more life to me impart.
All hidden things that block my vision,
Rocks of self-ambition, pride;
Now expose and burn away, Lord
By Your look intensified.
Increase the weight of glory in me,
Let Your Spirit now transform,
That all things would not be wasted
But would work to save me more.
Lord Jesus, oh how much I need You!
Thank You, Lord, that You are here,
Ever present as the Body.
I would always seek You there.
Peter Panmei

Guwahati, Assam, India

Lord Jesus, draw me one step further.


San Bernardino, California, United States

Move me, Lord, I know You can! Thank You Lord all things You can do. What personal and intimate words to sign to the Lord. Draw us one step further, Lord.


Austin, Texas, United States

Oh Lord Jesus draw me with Your beauty and with one simple touch.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord Jesus, draw me today


San Juan, MM, Philippines

Thank You, Lord, that You are here.

Lord Jesus I love You.


United States

Lord Jesus draw me!

Ryan Danek

United States

His drawing power is our pursing power


Apopka, Florida, United States

This song touches me deeply its such a sweet pray to the Lord. This song makes me want to get alone with the Lord and pray it over and over to Him. This song is what I've been longing for. O Lord Jesus remove all hidden things that block my vision.


Riga, Latvia

Praise the Lord that You are the living God.

Thank You Lord for Your growth.

Louen James

ON, Canada

Lord Jesus draw me one step further. I can't even get past the first line of this song. Lord, draw each and every one of us just one step further. Save us from the mud our foot is stuck in right now. We need You to draw us to take the next step. Lord, don't let whatever we are going through be wasted. We just need You Lord. Thank You for the Body, the one place we must always go to seek You. Lord, we love You no matter how far away we are right now. Lord, draw us one step further right now.