God has called us for His purpose

God has called us for His purpose,
His economy so glorious,
For which He was fully processed;
Consummated now is He!
As the Spirit, He indwells us;
As our God allotted portion,
Working out His full salvation,
Making us the same as He is.
  Oh, may a clear, controlling vision of
The Lord’s economy direct my heart,
And burn in me until my spirit’s wholly set afire!
With spirit strong and active we’ll press on
To consummate God’s goal—
New Jerusalem, Hallelujah!
Jesus lived the God-man pattern,
Set the way for us to follow,
He denied His natural man and
Was obedient unto death,
Once He was the only God-man;
Now we are His duplication.
As the many grains we’re blended
As His corporate reproduction.
Living out His resurrection,
Dying to the flesh and soul-life.
Living by the mingled spirit,
Natural man we will deny.
Now we’re living in the Body,
Every day we’re overcoming,
Striving for the peak of Zion,
Watching for our Lord’s appearing.
God and man will have one living,
Always in the mingled spirit;
We two are incorporated
One organic entity!
This the vision of the ages
Will control our daily living
That the Lord may have His Body
Shining as the holy city.

The original song is in Korean.

Peter Zheng

Bellevue, Washington, United States


Lord grant us Your vision!

Lord we are standing by!

Lord just burn in us!

We love You Lord!


Irvine, CA, United States

New Jerusalem, Hallelujah! This is God's goal! Let us press on towards the goal!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, thank you for calling us for Your purpose! May we answer Your call!

UCLA class of 2017

Los Angeles, California, United States

Lord grant us a clear controlling vision!

Junwell N. Borga

Surigao, Maasin, Pilar, Siargao Island, Philippines

ginoo sa imong pagtawag sa matag usa kanamo,

alang jud sa imong pamatigayon.

dios ka dunay tuyo.

aron ang tawo makabaton sa imong kinabuhi.

ug mosangpot kini sa bag - ong Jerusalem. Amen...

Sandy Williams

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

When the Lord Jesus was on earth, great crowds followed Him. Multitudes were saved and healed, and multitudes received the favor of God. Eventually, however, there were only about one hundred and twenty in the upper room. The crowds, the multitudes, did not afford the Lord Jesus anything for His move. The Lord's move was with those in the upper room, with those whose eyes had been opened and whose hearts had been touched. This small number came into the upper room to be burned, and then they turned the whole world upside down. The principle is the same today. It is a small number who will turn the world upside down and change the age.

The Heavenly Vision by Witness Lee.

Ezekiel Koo

Anseong, Ggyonggi Province, South Korea

Hallelujah for the God's economy, His eternal Economy!

Oh, may a clear, controlling vision of

The Lord’s economy direct my heart, hallelujah~ ~~ ptl!


Jabel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Praise The Lord for His econom, His glorious economy!

We must be thankful that He is the fully processed Christ and He is dwelling in our spirit. O what a rich and glorious song.

Andres Simbaqueva

Manizales, Caldas, Colombia

I love You Lord. This is a good hymn.

Denis. Tsewu

Lowell, MA, United States

May the Lord's controlling vision continue to direct our hearts to keep burning and set us afire so that we can shine as the golden lamp. Oh Looooord Jesus, You are soooo sweet!

High Schoolers' Camp in Taupo, New Zealand