There is a stream which issues forth

There is a stream which issues forth
  From God’s eternal throne
And from the Lamb, a living stream,
  Clear as the crystal stone.
In it doth grow the tree of life,
  It makes the ransomed sing:
Its living draught revives the heart;
  Hence all the joys do spring.
Such joys as are unspeakable,
  And full of glory too;
Such splendid riches, meat and drink,
  As worldlings do not know.
Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard,
  For fancy ’tis concealed,
What Thou, Lord, hast laid up for Thine
  And hast to me revealed.
I feel Thy touch, I hear Thy voice,
  I taste Thy sweetest grace;
My soul doth leap: but, oh, that I
  May see Thee face to face!
Then with the saints my soul shall feast
  On joys that always last:
Blest be my God, the God of joy,
  That gives here such a taste!