Jesus Lord, I just love You

Jesus Lord, I just love You.
You’ve attracted me, and my heart renewed.
I pursue You like a dove;
I belong to You, and You’re my Beloved.
Everything under the sun is vanity:
It’s like chasing after wind, so emptily;
You have put within me, Lord, eternity...
Now I rise to come away;
In the cleft rock, Lord, I would ever stay.
Kiss me, Lord; refresh me, too,
As I gaze at You, and Your death I view.
You were broken on the cross for me, dear Lord.
All Your being, life and love for me was poured.
Precious One, You are the One that I adore...
Make me, Lord, a fragrance true,
As a garden filled, with Your spices new.
Transform me, Your Bride to be,
For Your heart’s desire, through eternity.
As Your lover in the veil, I long to be,
Be conformed to Your sweet death continually,
’Til Your city we become eternally.
Rey Bulahan

Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines

The Lord is really precious. All things in the world are vanity. The Lord wants to have a bride for His counterpart. May we be those that gain Him everyday and every moment. Amen.


Wickenburg, AZ

How true that 'everything under the sun is vanity like chasing after wind so emptily! But praise God, He has put within us eternity. God created us for His eternal purpose, not for the vanity of the world! Lord, I want to live in You, for Your heart's desire, 'til Your city we become eternally.


Piscataway, NJ, United States

Lord Jesus, You came for me--the lost and the sick. Lord You saved me, You love me so much! Lord Jesus, You're the One that I love and adore!

Jac Sy

Q.C., Philippines

This song brought me to tears, the Lord is worthy of our all, You've attracted me and my heart renewed....


United Kingdom

God's desire is not that we suffer but that we rejoice in what He has done. The 2 greatest commendments are "love God and love your neighbour". Jesus came for the lost and the sick, and through us, His body, He continues to love the lost. If we reject the lost people in the world the life of Christ cannot be in us.


Moreno Valley, California, United States

Very sweet loving song to the Lord Jesus. longing to be conformed to His image by His death and life imparting Spirit moment by moment. Living in His presence. Enjoying His love and His attraction. Amen. Lord Jesus, we love You.

Coni Immanuel

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Indonesia

Thank you for sharing these wonderful songs, and chord sheets and everything.

It helps me and my family to worship HIM more and more.

Jesus bless you all.

Regan Ryan

Hamilton, New Zealand

King Solomon had absolutely everything, but to him it was just so empty, vanity. He had the realization that God is the reality, and that man can only be satisfied with the eternal things. We all should have this realization!

Gloria Ting

HAMILTON, New Zealand

I enjoy this hymn, esp where it says "Everything under the sun is vanity:

its like chasing after the wind, so emptily *so true*

You have put me Lord so eternity" :)


London, United Kingdom

Working in a hospital especially for elderly patients, I can't help but to wonder: is this all our life about?

Daily, as I look at the patients' wrinkled faces, I thought to myself: these are the faces who once were as wrinkle-free as mine; but what have they achieved?

We are all ageing. At the end of days, what matters is how much we know the Lord. We all need to be confronted with this question: How much have I enjoyed the Lord? And how much am I constituted with Christ? And how much have I loved the church and cared for the Body?

Apart from Christ, everthing is vanity of vanities. No wonder the most glamarous man in the world cried, "Everything under the sun is vanity." What is the point of gaining the whole world but losing Christ?

We don't have much time left. Every second of worldly enjoyment amounts to every second of losing Christ. May we all be wise virgins: to pay the price that we may have oil in our lamp when the Lord comes back.

Much grace, a brother in Christ