Jesus Lord, I just love You

Jesus Lord, I just love You.
You’ve attracted me, and my heart renewed.
I pursue You like a dove;
I belong to You, and You’re my Beloved.
Everything under the sun is vanity:
It’s like chasing after wind, so emptily;
You have put within me, Lord, eternity...
Now I rise to come away;
In the cleft rock, Lord, I would ever stay.
Kiss me, Lord; refresh me, too,
As I gaze at You, and Your death I view.
You were broken on the cross for me, dear Lord.
All Your being, life and love for me was poured.
Precious One, You are the One that I adore...
Make me, Lord, a fragrance true,
As a garden filled, with Your spices new.
Transform me, Your Bride to be,
For Your heart’s desire, through eternity.
As Your lover in the veil, I long to be,
Be conformed to Your sweet death continually,
’Til Your city we become eternally.

Moreno Valley, California, United States

The enjoyment of the Lord's death and resurrection life is for His conforming us to His image. Phil. 3:10, S. S 2:8-14. So Sweet!


Eugene, Oregon, United States

Transformer me, Your Bride to be,

For your heart's desire, though eternally.

Celia Garrety

Moreno Valley, CA, United States

Christ is the reality of all the positive things in the universe. Vanity is like chasing the wind. But! Christ is the Holy pneuma, (wind). He is the Holy breath that we breath deeply. Praise Him! He is the real breath of life in our mingled spirit. Life giving Spirit!

Trevor Russ

Austin, Texas, United States

I agree with Tim.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Everything under the sun is vanity

Rey Bulahan

Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines

The Lord is really precious. All things in the world are vanity. The Lord wants to have a bride for His counterpart. May we be those that gain Him everyday and every moment. Amen.


Wickenburg, AZ

How true that 'everything under the sun is vanity like chasing after wind so emptily! But praise God, He has put within us eternity. God created us for His eternal purpose, not for the vanity of the world! Lord, I want to live in You, for Your heart's desire, 'til Your city we become eternally.


Piscataway, NJ, United States

Lord Jesus, You came for me--the lost and the sick. Lord You saved me, You love me so much! Lord Jesus, You're the One that I love and adore!

Jac Sy

Q.C., Philippines

This song brought me to tears, the Lord is worthy of our all, You've attracted me and my heart renewed....


United Kingdom

God's desire is not that we suffer but that we rejoice in what He has done. The 2 greatest commendments are "love God and love your neighbour". Jesus came for the lost and the sick, and through us, His body, He continues to love the lost. If we reject the lost people in the world the life of Christ cannot be in us.